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Achieve lasting results at Gold's Gym Merrimack NH using our state-of-the-art cardio and resistance machines and diverse fitness classes. Ask coaches at Gold's Merrimack gym for the very latest workout tips, and if your goal is weight loss, our expert personal trainers can also provide helpful dieting tips and nutritional counseling. One of many Gold's Gym locations with a yoga and Pilates studio, this fitness facility offers a softly lit, especially quiet, tranquil space for stretching and balance exercises. Get fit with your Gold's Gym membership and unwind in the warm and toasty sauna, and then refuel with a healthy treat from the juice bar.

Torch calories at the Gold's Gym Merrimack NH health club with a high-octane cycling class that takes on steep peaks, long stretches of flats and fast-breaking time trials. For Merrimack gyms near you with Zumba classes, make a beeline for the Gold's Merrimack fitness facility and jump into a Zumba session to dance and sweat your worries away. Practice layups at this Gold's Gym location in our big indoor basketball court, and when you think you've sharpened your NBA skills, challenge a buddy to a high-stakes one-on-one game. Work out with your Gold's Gym membership while your kids take part in age-appropriate activities in our adult- supervised Kid's Club.

Find diverse workouts at Gold's Gym Merrimack NH location, including intense interval classes and relaxing yoga sessions. Discover Pilates at Gold's Merrimack gym and see how these focused exercises bolster posture and muscular balance.

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    515 Daniel Webster Highway

    Merrimack, NH 03054

    603-429-GOLD (4653)

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    Merrimack Merrimack Gold's Gym Locations, Exercise Class Schedules, Merrimack Strength Trainers, NH Workout Coaches, Gold's Gym Fitness, Weight Lifting Tips, Weight Loss Advice, Muscle Building Diets, Strength Training Workouts, Cardio Exercises & Local Gold's Gym Hours Gold's Merrimack gym offers the latest in fitness programs because fitness coaches at Gold's Gym locations are always looking for the best way to get fit. Gold's Gym Merrimack NH has innovative exercise equipment and dedicated staff to show you how to use it. See more

Spin at the Gold's Gym Merrimack NH health club and gym near you, shoot hoops or shred muscle, and then unwind in the comfortably heated sauna.

Browse schedules at the Gold's Gym Merrimack NH health and fitness center for dynamic and demanding fitness classes that match every exercise level. Interval sessions at Gold's Merrimack gym deliver peak cardio and strength training results in a short amount of time, and these high-octane group workouts really test your limits. Older exercisers at this Gold's Gym location and those just starting a fitness program might consider step-based aerobic classes that use low-impact drills to keep you working in your target heart rate zone. Maximize your Gold's Gym membership to the Merrimack Gold's Gym near you by speaking with a personal trainer for customized exercises tailored to your specific fitness objectives.

Learn weight lifting at Gold's Gym Merrimack NH location with BodyPump, the original Les Mills' muscle building group workout that's ideal for all fitness levels. Kick at Gold's Merrimack gym and throw punches in a fun cardio session made up of ever-changing martial arts-style movements, and then head to our dedicated yoga and Pilates studio for a long stretching and flexibility routine. Shoot hoops at the Gold's Gym location in Merrimack NH in our indoor basketball court for a terrific cardio workout that doesn't feel like working out. Activate your Gold's Gym membership and ask a fitness coach to spot you during your fitness program to ensure that you're nailing the proper form for each piece of equipment and every exercise.
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