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Open 24 hours, the Gold's Gym Manchester NH health and fitness center lets you grab a workout when you find the time, whether you prefer exercising in the early morning or late at night. At this Gold's Manchester gym, discover a variety of ways to work out – and have fun. Investigate classes with your Gold's Gym FREE pass, and our Gold's Gym class schedules offer group workouts for every fitness level, from beginning exerciser to experienced sports competitor. Soothe muscles at this Gold's Gym location in our warm and tranquil sauna or steam room where aches and worries melt away.

High intensity classes at Gold's Gym Manchester NH location use fiercely energetic plyometric, side-stepping and running drills to whip you into shape quickly. For core work, Gold's Manchester gym features non-stop 30-minute workouts designed specifically to improve core strength and minimize your waistline. Activate your Gold's Gym FREE pass to the cutting-edge Manchester NH fitness gym near you and hop on a state-of-the-art exercise bike to blast through calories and tighten your tummy and glutes. Learn Pilates at this Gold's Gym location and see how these concentrated stretches developed by trainer Joseph Pilates enhance muscular symmetry, posture, coordination and grace.

Conveniently located, the Gold's Gym Manchester NH family fitness center is open 24 hours a day. Get invigorated at Gold's Manchester gym, by working out on our cardio equipment, and then tackle your yoga routine in our climate controlled yoga studio.

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    89 Dow Street

    Manchester, NH 03101


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    Manchester Manchester Gold's Gym Locations, Workout Class Schedules, Exercise Experts, Manchester Muscle Building Clubs, NH Stress Management Tips, Gold's Gym Coaches, Weight Lifting Exercises, Cardio Fitness Programs, Yoga And Pilates Classes & Local Gold's Gym Hours Gold's Manchester gym, like all Gold's Gym locations, offers the latest in exercise equipment with the best fitness coaches. Gold's Gym Manchester NH fitness experts help you get stronger today than you were yesterday. See more

Try spinning classes at Gold's Gym Manchester NH location for a invigorating workout that's low impact and loads of fun.

Compete against friends at Gold's Gym Manchester NH location racing a buddy in our climate controlled cycle studio. For Manchester gyms that have a variety of workout equipment and classes, bring your game to the Gold's Manchester gym close to you and begin to transform your body and your life. Grab a Gold's Gym FREE pass online and sign up for BodyPump, our signature muscle training class that uses classic weight room exercises to define and sculpt. All Gold's Gym locations, including the up-to-date Manchester NH Gold's Gym, staff experienced and expert fitness coaches who can provide exercise tips and dieting advice.

Total body workouts at Gold's Gym Manchester NH location use a variety of equipment – including your own body weight – to burn calories and increase muscle tone. Get centered at Gold's Manchester gym in a yoga class that develops strength, flexibility and concentration while reducing stress. Work out with your Gold's Gym FREE pass when it's convenient for you because this NH Gold's Gym stays open 24 hours a day. Kids at this Gold's Gym location find plenty of toys and activities to keep them busy in our Kid's Club, a convenient family resource that helps Moms and Dads get in shape without having to worry about entertaining their little ones.
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