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Get involved in fitness programs at the Rosslyn Gold's Gym in Arlington, Virginia, and you'll see that your Gold's Gym is more than a great place to get fit. The Tour de Cure gym program is a series of cycling events held in partnership with the American Diabetes Association, and these bike rides raise money to combat and cure diabetes. Gold's Gym supports these work out programs and gives members the chance to bike for a terrific cause each year, and in 2011, more than 55,000 cyclists in 80 events collected over $18 million for the ADA. A fun cardio exercise program for seniors and all other ages, the Tour de Cure rides are perfect for recreational cyclists, champion racers and any fitness enthusiasts.

Along with invigorating fitness programs, the Rosslyn Gold's Gym in Arlington, Virginia, offers a rewards program to honor Gold's most loyal and vocal fans. Sign up for the gym program Gold's Nation, and you'll be asked to complete simple tasks, like posting the date you joined Gold's Gym to your Facebook timeline. Hit your work out program, join Gold's Nation and start banking points that can be cashed in for cool and useful Gold's Gym swag, such as duffel bags, water bottles, hats, T-shirts and gift cards. Consider the Silver Sneakers exercise program for seniors if you're retired and have mobility and range movement issues because these aerobic, weight training and senior yoga classes are specifically designed for older exercisers.

In the Silver Sneakers fitness program at the Rosslyn Gold's Gym in Arlington, Virginia, seniors take part in classes that make them feel alive and liberated. Other gym programs include our online health and fitness seminars.

The Gold's Gym Challenge fitness program is a body transformation contest that challenges members to get fit in 12 weeks.

Join fitness programs at the Rosslyn Gold's Gym in Arlington, Virginia, and inject new energy into your exercise routines. Consider gym programs like the Silver Sneakers plan, a hugely popular fitness program for older adults that offers strength training, cardio and senior yoga classes. Among senior work out programs, Silver Sneakers is acclaimed for its comprehensive classes, fun social events and informative guest speakers. In this exercise program for seniors, older exercisers take greater control of their health and unlock the door to greater independence, and Silver Sneakers workouts make participants feel alive and liberated.

Commit to the fitness program, the Gold's Gym Challenge to reach your fitness and health goals in record time, and this yearly body transformation contest awards cash prizes to participants who've made the most significant physical changes. A competitive gym program, the Gold's Gym Challenge pushes you to get your fittest in 12 weeks, and you'll take "before" and "after" photos and body measurements to document your startling transformation. Tackle this exclusive Gold's work out program, and tune in to our member education webinars - monthly online broadcasts that teach Gold's Gym members how to diet safely, how to supercharge metabolism and how to stick to a new fitness regimen. In the Silver Sneakers exercise program for seniors, seniors can also listen to specially produced online programs that discuss senior fitness and health issues.