Exercise Classes & Cardio Classes In Rosslyn Arlington

Fitness Classes, Aerobics Classes & Rosslyn Yoga Classes

Scan the group fitness class schedules at the Rosslyn Gold's Gym in Arlington, Virginia, and you'll discover spirited group workouts for every fitness level and interest. Increase stamina in cardio fitness classes like BodyCombat , our original kickboxing fitness workout that uses elements from taekwondo, karate and even muay Thai – the national sport of Thailand, where muay Thai is known as "the art of eight limbs." Aerobic yoga sessions deliver a continuous flow of poses, postures and stretches, and these group workouts improve flexibility, boost your heart rate and help manage stress. Steps aerobics classes are low-impact cardio sessions choreographed by exercise physiologists to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Beto Perez invented Zumba group fitness classes to make cardio workouts fun for everyone, and these high-powered dance parties mix pop, hip-hop, salsa, mambo, rumba and other international dance steps with pulse-pounding world beats. BodyAttack combines a cardio fitness class with a strength training group workout, and this sports-based fitness class is a great option for exercisers pressed for time. Along with aerobic yoga, the Rosslyn Gold's Gym health and fitness club programs beginning yoga workouts that cover foundational movements. Round out your step aerobics workouts with a muscle building fitness class, like BodyPump, our signature, 60-minute weight lifting class that's a fit for both novice lifters and seasoned bodybuilders.

Work out in group fitness classes at the Rosslyn Gold's Gym in Arlington, Virginia, and get fit with the support of other exercisers. Our cardio fitness classes include low-impact, mixed-impact and high intensity aerobics workouts.

Try unique Gold's Gym group fitness classes like BodyAttack, BodyCombat and BodyFlow.

Have fun in group fitness classes at the Rosslyn Gold's Gym in Arlington, Virginia, while testing your body's cardio, strength training and flexibility limits. Look for cardio fitness classes built on high intensity interval drills when you want to kick fat burning systems into overdrive. Explore traditional yoga, aerobic yoga and other styles of yoga, and rotate your classes to keep your muscles guessing so you never reach a fitness plateau that stalls your progress. Seniors appreciate our step aerobics workouts because these low-intensity cardio classes use easy-to-follow, low-impact choreography.

Tone up with group fitness classes that use light weights and resistance bands to sculpt longer, leaner muscles. Supplement cardio fitness classes with group exercise Pilates sessions and enhance your body's symmetry and posture while promoting coordination and grace. For an aerobic yoga class that's flowing and fun, take BodyFlow, which blends carefully structured stretching routines and restorative breathing techniques with tai chi training forms. Our step aerobics classes are not only ideal for older exercisers, these aerobic sessions are perfect for beginning exercisers and experienced athletes recovering from recent injuries.