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Members of Gold's Gym Dorsett can gain true health and fitness from the inside out. Our Dorsett gym provides nutrition counseling that is a catalyst for life changes not fad dieting. Gold's Gym St. Louis also has personal training from fitness experts who can help you reach your weight loss, muscle building and stress management goals by combining fitness programs and nutrition counseling for an overall improvement in your health. Gold's Gym Maryland Heights promotes other options for getting fit like yoga classes, Pilates classes, cycling classes, Zumba and strength-training classes like our signature BODYPUMP class.

Head into Gold's Gym Dorsett, and drop the kids off at our on-site Kid's Club. Our Dorsett gym membership entitles members to this fun spot for kids, where they play while you take advantage of our group fitness classes, cycle studio, cardio and resistance machines, and much more. At Gold's Gym St. Louis, you'll never miss a workout or a personal training session and you can hit the sauna for post-workout unwinding. Our Gold's Gym Maryland Heights MO location caters to men and women of all ages and fitness levels.

Drop into Gold's Gym Dorsett, and pick up a FREE pass to one of our signature fitness classes in this gym near you. Our Dorsett gym offers energizing classes like our cycling class that combines fun music with climbs, jumps and speed work, or try our BODYCOMBAT class for an empowering cardio workout inspired by martial arts to knock out major calories.

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Gold's Gym Dorsett meets the needs of our members so our members can meet their own weight loss, strength training and stress management goals.

Gold's Gym Dorsett is a family fitness center near you that caters to men and women of all ages and all fitness levels. This Dorsett Gym also has an on-site Kid's Club so parents can participate in group fitness classes like BODYPUMP, do some weight lifting in our free weights area or unwind in our dedicated yoga and Pilates studio. At Gold's Gym St. Louis, let our fitness experts develop a personal training and exercise program so you can meet your dieting, health and fitness goals. Drop into one of Gold's Gym Maryland Heights' fitness classes with a FREE pass to see why members love this local fitness club near you.

At our Gold's Gym Dorsett location, choose a different workout every day. Cycle at the Dorsett gym's dedicated cycling studio where you will torch calories while working on climbs, jumps, sprints, hills and intervals. Or dance at Gold's Gym St. Louis in one of our Zumba classes that pairs Latin dance moves and music with choreography for a workout that is a blast. Fitness classes at Gold's Gym Maryland Heights are the perfect way to mix up your workout routine so you'll never get bored, and our convenient class schedules ensure members always have great options.

Check out Gold’s local gyms in your area to find the perfect location for building a faster, stronger or leaner body. Gym classes at all our Missouri locations such as Manchester Meadows MO and Florrisant MO or across the state line in nearby O’Fallon IL are all lead by top fitness instructors who are always ready and willing to discuss your individual goals. Take a look at gym class schedules from one of our five nearby Missouri locales including Dorsett MO, St. Louis MO and Fenton MO to pick an activity that looks fun to you. Local gym hours make it easy to fit exercising into your schedule when it is most convenient.

Consider our local gyms in your area to begin working on or continue improving your overall health and fitness level. Beginner to advanced gym classes are available at all our Missouri locations such as Florissant MO and Fenton MO as well as nearby O’Fallon IL, too. These gym class schedules are unique to each locale providing you with plenty of options to fit a favorite group exercise program into your schedule even if you work in one area, but live in another. Check gym hours at any of our nearby locations including Dorsett MO, St. Louis MO and Manchester Meadows MO to build strength with weights, dance away calories in Zumba and more.
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