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Get balanced at Gold's Cherrydale gym during our Pilates and yoga classes and reap the benefits of healthy stress management. Gold's Gym Greenville SC has yoga or Pilates classes offered almost every day of the week, focusing on flexibility and strength for your mind and body. Visit our Gold's Gym fitness club close to you to relieve your day-to-day stress as our certified personal trainers guide you through strengthening movements with modifications for every fitness level. At your Cherrydale local gym, you'll learn breathing techniques and stretches to help you better manage whatever stress comes your way.

Increase strength at Gold's Cherrydale gym with our top-notch Gold's Gym resistance machines and free weights. Gold's Gym Greenville SC is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week so you can focus on your strength training workout when it's convenient for you. Weight lifting at Gold's fitness club is how we got our start in 1965, with a reputation for producing bodybuilding champions and an unrivaled dedication to getting results. Join our Cherrydale local gym for our renowned Gold's Gym personal training and maximize your muscle building results and build a lifetime of fitness.

Challenge yourself at Gold's Cherrydale gym to increase your strength, flexibility and endurance and start living a healthier lifestyle. Gold's Gym Greenville SC is designed to help you reach your fitness goals with certified personal trainers, world-class exercise equipment and unlimited Gold's Gym hours available to you with your gym membership.

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3245 N. Pleasantburg Drive, Greenville, SC 29609


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3245 N. Pleasantburg Drive
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Gold's Cherrydale gym hours are 24 hours a day, seven days a week, giving you unlimited access to our health club near you for your health and fitness success. Get active in our Gold's Gym Greenville SC nationally recognized fitness programs, our Gold's Gym class schedule offers classes almost every day of the week, from early morning to late evening so you have options to join our group exercise community.
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    Mon - Sun : 12:00AM - 11:59PM

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  • Kids ClubGym Kids Club

    Mon - Fri : 8AM - 1PM & 3PM - 9PM

    Sat : 9AM - 3PM

    Sun : 1PM - 4PM

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  • Gym Classes Greenville Gym Classes Greenville Greenville Fitness Classes, Gym Classes & Exercise Classes
    Cherrydale-Classes Greenville Fitness Classes Greenville Fitness Classes, Gym Classes & Exercise Classes Take Cherrydale fitness classes at your Pleasantburg Drive Gold’s Gym location in Greenville, SC to put more fun, motivation and energy into your workouts. Exciting local fitness classes include yoga, Zumba, step classes and more with levels for beginners and gym veterans. See more
  • Personal Trainers Greenville Personal Trainers Greenville Personal Trainers, Fitness Trainers & Certified Personal Trainers Greenville
    Cherrydale-Personal Training Greenville Personal Training Certified Personal Trainers, Fitness Trainers & Physical Trainers Greenville Chat with Cherrydale personal training experts at the Pleasantburg Drive Gold’s Gym in Greenville. Local personal trainers are standing by to help create an ideal workout and nutritional plan for your fitness success. See more
  • Gym Memberships Greenville Gym Memberships Greenville Fitness Gym Memberships, Fitness Centers & Gym Memberships Greenville
    Cherrydale-Get Started Greenville Gym Memberships Greenville Gym Memberships, Free Gym Passes & Fitness Gym Memberships Try perks of Cherrydale gym memberships such as fun group classes with a fitness class pass to Zumba, yoga, cycling and more. With a gym guest pass, you can also bring a friend to try cardio classes for improving cardiovascular endurance, low-impact programs such as Pilates for improved balance and strength or the heavy bag where you punch and kick to better health. See more
  • Gym Amenities Greenville Gym Amenities Greenville
    Cherrydale-Amenities Greenville Gym Amenities Try wide-ranging Cherrydale gym amenities for you to find the type of workouts you enjoy most. Pick from strength-increasing resistance machines, increasing endurance by pedaling in the indoor cycling studio or other member-favorite perks such as the relaxing steam room and gym sauna. See more
  • Our Gym Programs Greenville Our Gym Programs Greenville Greenville Exercise Programs, Fitness Programs & Gym Programs
    Cherrydale-Our Programs Greenville Gym Programs Gym Programs, Exercise Programs & Fitness Programs Greenville Join favorite Cherrydale gym programs such as the 12-week Gold’s Gym Challenge where you transform your health and earn a chance to win $75,000 in cash prizes. Our Greenville Gold’s Gym group exercise programs are also made even better with available online resources covering a range of fitness and overall health topics for you to learn the best ways to get fit. See more
  • Cherrydale-Corporate Wellness Cherrydale-Corporate Wellness

Gold's Cherrydale gym hours are 24 hours a day, seven days a week, giving you unlimited access to our Gold's Gym Greenville SC health club near you for your health and fitness success.

Personal training at Gold's Cherrydale gym with our certified fitness coaches helps you get the most from your workouts so your fitness goals become a reality. Every trainer at Gold's Gym Greenville SC must pass the Gold's Fitness Personal Trainer Certification course and exam, in addition to getting their national accreditation. At our Gold's Gym fitness club close to you, we demand the best from our personal trainers: They must excel in exercise physiology, nutrition, anatomy, training program development, exercise application, health screening and fitness assessments. With your local gym membership, you get the best Gold's Gym fitness coaches at your service to create personalized programs that help you Know Your Own Strength.

Gold's Cherrydale gym is a health club near you with world-class amenities for fitness, stress management, weight loss and healthy living. At our Gold's Gym Greenville SC you get extras you wouldn't expect from a local fitness center, like nutrition counseling for weight management, a juice bar with healthy rehydration options for post-workouts and our super-fun Kid's Club service that keeps your children entertained while you focus on your workout. Our fitness club also offers a sauna and a cycling studio, along with unlimited Gold's Gym hours. Get your local gym membership, and take advantage of our unsurpassed health and fitness amenities, including our online tools to help you create a customized fitness program for maximum results.