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Enjoy world-class fitness programs at Boardwalk Gold's Gym in Kansas City, Missouri. Each of our physical training programs taught by knowledgeable fitness experts will provide plenty of motivation on your quest for better health and fitness. With Silver Sneakers, retirement-age Kansans can benefit from senior fitness classes or take advantage of personal training catered toward their specific needs and desires. With workout programs and gym programs like ours, transform your life, whether you're looking for weight loss, muscle building or strength training.

Select from fitness programs that have been utilized successfully by members of our fitness clubs and family fitness centers across the country. When you commit to physical training programs, you benefit from the extra consideration and added incentives you receive so that each workout can be as effective as possible. For seniors, Silver Sneakers provides specialized attention and a community of other older Americans who are all trying to get in better shape. So, get fit with workout programs designed to bring out your best, whether you're entering your golden years or you've just graduated college.

Select from multiple fitness programs for an increase in motivation. The physical training programs at your local gym provide rewards and incentives to help get you closer to reaching your fitness goals.

With each of the fitness programs at your local gym in Boardwalk, you'll benefit from tried and true methods that have helped people aspire and achieve at our health clubs all across the nation.

Let the fitness programs at Gold's Gym Boardwalk location in Kansas City, Missouri, provide everything you need to get fit, from assistance with weight lifting and strength training to cardio and stress management. Each of our physical training programs provides multiple ways for you to gain strength, have fun and get in shape. Aim for improvement with Silver Sneakers and senior fitness classes if you're retirement age. Choose another of our workout programs if you're new to exercise and need some external rewards, or if you're a seasoned athlete looking for a new challenge.

These fitness programs not only tap into your personal interests, but the programs also provide additional motivation to get fit. Some of the Gold's physical training programs have philanthropic aims, while others gather you within a community of like-minded people. With Silver Sneakers, older Americans can enjoy gym programs that take their unique needs into consideration. Whatever you desire, the workout programs at your local gym can aid you on your hunt for better health and fitness.