Kansas City Boardwalk Gym Classes & Local Yoga Classes

Kansas City Zumba Classes, Group Fitness Classes & Group Exercise Classes

Turn to group fitness classes if you're looking for a way to increase your health and fitness in a fun atmosphere. Whether it's an aerobic workout you're looking for or a strength training, ab-busting exercise routine, there's a class at Gold's Gym Boardwalk location in Kansas City, Missouri, for you. Re-center in a yoga class, or climb imaginary hills under the guidance of a fitness coach in one of our cycling classes. With workout classes of this variety, you can find the challenges and pace you want, whether you're looking for fitness for seniors or classes that challenge seasoned athletes.

Each of the group fitness classes features the instruction of one of our staff's fitness experts. Choose an aerobic workout or cardio classes for weight loss, and try Zumba when you want to get fit and toned, while you have a good time. Let a yoga class challenge your mind and your physical strength. Because workout classes are offered throughout the day, even people with busy schedules can usually squeeze in some class time for health and fitness.

Select from group fitness classes if your motivation needs a pick-me-up. Because each aerobic workout and strength training class includes knowledgeable instructors and hard-working peers, you will have plenty of support to keep you moving.

Rejuvenate with invigorating group fitness classes at your local Gold's Gym.

Choose from group fitness classes that specialize in muscle building, strength training, flexibility and more. With an aerobic workout at Boardwalk Gold's Gym in Kansas City, Missouri, you can get in shape and practice better stress management while improving your overall health. Each workout, from the yoga class to the cycling studio, is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals, whether you're brand-new to exercise or you're about to retire and looking for fitness for senior. Each of our health clubs feature workout classes you'll look forward to and benefit from, and Boardwalk is no exception.

With group fitness classes, you will have support in your efforts to get fit. Whether you choose an aerobic workout or one that focuses on exercises that make your muscles howl, the presence of your hardworking peers and a knowledgeable fitness coach will keep you inspired. Attend a yoga class when you're feeling pulled in too many directions, and let the poses and intentional breathing guide you toward your center. Each of the workout classes provides plenty of opportunities, whether you want to get ripped, lose weight or build your endurance.