Boardwalk Free Weights, Personal Trainers & Cardio Gym Equipment

Kansas City Area Pilates, Yoga, Resistance Training Machines & Group Exercise

Select from group fitness classes like yoga, Zumba and cycling on your quest to get fit – just a few of the amenities available at Gold's Gym Boardwalk location in Kansas City, Missouri. From the cardio workout equipment to the free weights, each inch of our 24,000 square feet health club is dedicated to your health and fitness. Enjoy features like Kid's Club, a gym steam room, high-energy personal training and more. Even the locker rooms are of the highest quality so that from start to finish, your workout can be focused and beneficial.

With group fitness classes that meet multiple times every day of the week, you can almost certainly work a class into your schedule to achieve your weight loss, strength training and cardio goals. We have plenty of cardio workout equipment, so you'll never have to wait to use a treadmill or elliptical machine. Our Kid's Club is available so you can drop off the kids for fun activities while you fit in a personal training session or ab workout. From the luxury locker rooms to our yoga and Pilates studio, each of our fitness clubs around the nation is dedicated to making the path toward your fitness as streamlined as possible.

With amenities like group fitness classes and Kid's Club, working out at Gold's Gym offers modern convenience. From plenty of cardio workout equipment to luxury locker rooms and a gym steam room, let this local gym also double as a spa.

Amenities like group fitness classes and personal training make sure your fitness regimen is fun and beneficial.

Select from group fitness classes on your quest to better health and fitness – just one more amenity included with membership at Boardwalk Gold's Gym in Kansas City, Missouri. Plenty of cardio equipment, free weights, exciting programs and more all aid you in every aspiration, whether you're seeking toned muscle building, stress management or overall fitness. Kid's Club can keep your kids happily occupied, so you can enjoy worry-free and hassle-free workouts. From the luxury locker rooms and attentive personal training to over 24,000 square feet of space, Gold's Gym offers a fun path to better fitness.

Each of the group fitness classes caters to different exercises and fitness levels, so whether you choose yoga, Zumba or cycling, you can find a class that suits you. Never wait for cardio workout equipment as this local gym has more than enough space and machines to accommodate our members. Take advantage of Kid's Club when you need to bring your little ones with you to the health club – one more way we help you focus on muscle building, cardio and strength. With the luxury locker rooms, you can make use of our family fitness centers before work or before a dinner date, knowing you'll have every amenity you need to look and feel great.