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Gold's Gym Westborough MA is truly a family fitness center, and parents can drop their little ones off in our Kid's Club, where kids take part in fun, age-appropriate activities while they work out. Group exercises at Gold's Westborough gym include total body conditioning classes designed to burn fat and calories using resistance training, easy cardio drills, and balance and flexibility components. Like many Gold's Gym locations, the Westborough MA local gym in your area offers Zumba, and this fun, music-fueled cardio workout torches the calories and will leave you with a smile on your face. Consult coaches with your Gold's Gym membership to learn the very latest workout techniques, or chat with one of our world-class trainers for sound dieting advice and menu planning.

Sculpt killer abs at Gold's Gym Westborough MA location in a strength training workout that focuses on your core and sling muscles. Boost stamina at Gold's Westborough gym and sharpen speed and agility with a sports conditioning class, or carve bigger guns with an upper body weight lifting workout. Explore Pilates at this Gold's Gym location and see how these concentrated movements improve posture and enhance muscular symmetry for a sleeker silhouette. A Gold's Gym membership to the Westborough Gold's fitness center near you means you can hit several classes designed by renowned fitness coach Les Mills, including BodyPump, a muscle building session, and BodyCombat, a cardio workout that draws from a variety of martial arts disciplines.

Take BodyCombat at the Gold's Gym Westborough MA local gym in your area and unleash your inner mixed martial arts star in this dynamic cardio class. Strength train at Gold's Westborough gym with BodyPump, the hour-long weight lifting session developed by Les Mills.

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Discover Pilates at the Gold's Gym Westborough MA health and fitness club and see how these concentrated stretches improve flexibility, coordination and posture.

Shed pounds at the Gold's Gym Westborough MA location or shred muscle at this convenient and well-staffed health and fitness center near you. Rejuvenate muscles at Gold's Westborough gym in a yoga class, and help manage stress with these ancient movements and breathing techniques. One of many Gold's Gym locations offering BodyPump, this 60-minute muscle building session created by Les Mills uses old-school weight room exercises to strengthen your entire body. Use your Gold's Gym membership to our up-to-date Westborough MA fitness club to lose weight in a high-octane cardio workout that boosts metabolism for increased fat burning – even after the workout is over.

Strengthen your core at Gold's Gym Westborough MA with a class that flattens and defines your abs, obliques and lower back muscles using stability balls and low weights. Learn Pilates at Gold's Westborough gym for a unique stretching session that enhances muscular symmetry, posture, coordination and grace for better daily living. Take BodyCombat at this Gold's Gym location for a fiercely energetic class where you kick, punch, strike and kata your way to superior cardio fitness. With your Gold's Gym membership, you can tackle your cardio, weight lifting, yoga or Pilates classes while your kids play in our Kid's Club, an on-site facility that's open extensive hours.
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