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If you're looking for Phillipsburg gyms that provide an activity room for children, then head to the Phillipsburg NJ Gold's Gym and drop the kids off in our Kid's Club. Children in the Gold's Gym Phillipsburg NJ Kid's Club enjoy age-appropriate play while parents can hit their cardio, muscle building or flexibility exercises. At Gold's fitness clubs, you can also consult a top-notch fitness coach to plan out a personalized training program, or just hit up one of our personal trainers for some safe and effective training tips. Call us during Gold's Gym hours to receive a Gold's Gym FREE pass if you're not already a member, and discover for yourself the many exceptional amenities of a Gold's Gym membership.

Other Phillipsburg gyms don't program the well-known signature fitness classes that you'll see popping up in Gold's Gym class schedules. For example, the Gold's Gym Phillipsburg NJ local gym in your area features our fiercely energetic cardio class, BODYCOMBAT, which uses martial arts-based strikes, punches and kicks to pump up your heart rate and improve endurance, strength and agility. Numerous Gold's fitness clubs, including our Phillipsburg NJ Gold's Gym, offer BODYPUMP, a fitness program designed to enhance strength and endurance that blends strength training, compound movements and metabolic training, and this group exercise class is also terrific for stress management. Take Zumba during Gold's Gym hours at this Phillipsburg fitness facility for a dance-based, calorie-crushing group exercise that feels more like a night at the hottest club with friends.

For Phillipsburg gyms with a variety of fun and challenging cardio classes, check out the Phillipsburg Gold's Gym. Try Zumba at the Gold's Gym Phillipsburg NJ, or the martial art-inspired BODYCOMBAT class.

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1200 U.S. Highway 22 East, Phillipsburg, NJ 08865


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1200 U.S. Highway 22 East
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When choosing Phillipsburg gyms, don't pass up the Gold's Gym in your area, and Gold's fitness clubs are home to a diverse roster of group workouts, high tech exercise equipment and world-class personal trainers. Visit the Gold's Gym Phillipsburg NJ facility and speak with a fitness coach about training tips or for diet advice.
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    Mon - Thu : 5:00am - 10:00pm

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    Mon - Tue : 8:30am - 12:00pm & 5:00pm - 8:00 PM

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    Thu : 8:30am - 12:00pm & 5:00pm - 8:00 PM

    Fri : 8:30am - 12:00pm

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Parents looking for Phillipsburg gyms with an activity center for children will appreciate our Gold's Gym in Phillipsburg NJ facility, which features onsite childcare.

Get fit at Phillipsburg gyms like the outstanding Gold's Phillipsburg NJ local gym in your area, and in this modern health club you'll find diverse classes and world-class fitness experts. Fitness classes at our Gold's Gym Phillipsburg NJ location run the gamut from dance-based cardio workouts to group cycling classes that burn calories while strengthening glutes and quads. Gold's fitness clubs are home to the latest cardio equipment and strength training machines as well as numerous comprehensive free weights sets. Open extended Gold's Gym hours, our up-to-date Phillipsburg NJ fitness facility makes it a cinch to get in a workout no matter how busy your schedule.

Among Phillipsburg gyms, the Gold's Gym health and fitness center in Phillipsburg is well-regarded for its expert personal trainers, who can map out a customized fitness program based on your specific exercise abilities and objectives. Fitness coaches at our Gold's Gym Phillipsburg NJ health club can also provide nutrition counseling, so you make the healthiest, most-informed food choices to power your workouts. Many Gold's Gym fitness clubs, including our Phillipsburg NJ Gold's Gym, offer our signature BODYPUMP workout, a 60-minute weight lifting routine that's the perfect class if you're aiming to pack on muscle and improve strength. Explore yoga during Gold's Gym hours in a group exercise class that teaches the basic foundations, or try one of our mixed-level yoga or Pilates classes if you're an experienced yogi.