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Silver Sneakers classes at the 19th and L Gold’s Gym in Washington D.C. allow older exercisers to improve stress management techniques and build flexibility in low-impact exercises designed for older exercisers. Consider a fitness affiliate programs through Gold’s at your office and learn how the whole company can reduce healthcare costs. Tone up with workout programs like Gold’s Nation and compete in different activities where you’ll be eligible to win cool Gold’s merchandise. Scorch calories with physical training programs like Tour de Cure, a series of fundraising events held in states nationwide to support the mission of the American Diabetes Association to prevent and cure diabetes.

From Silver Sneakers senior fitness classes to health incentive programs, Gold’s Gym will help you get in shape, no matter what your age or activity level. All of these fitness affiliate programs have been designed to give you the ultimate workout, while giving you additional incentives to meet your goals. Workout programs like the Gold’s Gym Challenge offer a 12-week body transformation contest where you’ll get have the chance to get in shape have the chance to win thousand of dollars in cash prizes! Boost energy with physical training programs like many of these offered at Gold’s and give back to the community, while getting in great shape.

For older athletes, Gold’s Silver Sneakers programs offer the ideal opportunity to get in shape and meet new friends. Fitness affiliate programs like Tour de Cure give athletes the chance to compete in a series of bicycling events to raise money to fund diabetes research.

Push yourself in Silver Sneakers senior exercise classes and invest in your health and fitness with yoga classes that help you de-stress and build stamina.

Test out a Silver Sneakers fitness class designed exclusively for older adults who want to improve their strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. Consider fitness affiliate program like through our corporate training possibilities and reward healthy living and foster a work environment of care for the entire company. Push yourself with workout programs like the Gold’s Gym Challenge at the 19th and L Gold’s Gym in Washington D.C., where you’ll compete against other members in an intense 12-week fitness program designed to totally transform your body. Complement your physical training program with a healthy diet designed with the help of our member education webinars that include information about nutrition and effective meal plans for boosting strength.

Meet new friends in Silver Sneakers fitness classes at Gold’s then attend a social event to meet others your own age. Reward yourself with fitness affiliate programs like Gold’s Nation where we’ll give you cool merchandise when you help us out with different fitness-related objectives. Use these workout programs to your advantage by enlisting the help of a personal trainer who can help you design the perfect diet to boost your results. Train a biking physical training program like Tour de Cure and compete against others in the race to end diabetes.