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Combine work with a personal fitness trainer with a balanced diet to feed your body fuel for the work ahead. With the help of certified fitness instructors, you’ll climb higher, run faster and bike farther than ever before. Renowned fitness experts, Gold’s physical trainers are athletes themselves, so they know how to condition the body while minimizing the potential for injury. Find a personal trainer at your local Gold’s Gym and unleash your full fitness potential.

Catch up with a personal fitness trainer today and find out the most effective strength training techniques to build strength without adding bulk. Push yourself with a certified fitness instructor with a one-on-one cardio session that combines bike work, running and kickboxing-inspired workout routines. Enlist help from fitness experts at Gold’s if you are training for an upcoming marathon and need to get in peak condition for the race. When you find a personal trainer who truly understands you and your goals, you’ll be well on your way to a longer, healthier life.

Talk to a Gold’s personal fitness trainer today and get educated with diet and food planning so you can feed your body to fuel your workout. These certified fitness instructors will help you squat, dance, and run or cycle your way to the fittest body possible.

  • Brian Fletcher
    Brian Fletcher - Personal Trainer Personal Trainers Leesburg, Fitness Trainers in Leesburg Gyms & Certified Personal Trainers Read Trainer Bio
    Brian Fletcher Brian Fletcher - Personal Trainer Fitness Trainers in Leesburg Gyms, Personal Trainers & Leesburg Certified Personal Trainers Forget online personal training that is generic and come into our gym to work out face-to-face with personal fitness trainer, Brian Fletcher. A tough yet friendly fitness trainer, Brian can help you train for your next sporting event with exercises and weight lifting that is sport specific. And he is a personal trainer who specializes in corrective exercise and injury prevention, so he can create safe workouts for you that target your weaknesses and bring your body into balance. See More

Blast fat with a personal fitness trainer with an intense cycling course in our spinning studio where you’ll pedal away the pounds with the tips and encouragement of a qualified fitness expert.

Reach your goal with personal fitness trainers who know how to condition athletes and new exercisers safely and effectively. These nationally recognized certified fitness instructors have years of experience in sports conditioning and nutrition counseling, so shed pounds and get fit with confidence when you work with these fitness coaches. More than just fitness experts, our trainers are exercisers just like you, so they know when to push you to your limits and when to take it a little easy. If you want to find a personal trainer now to help you get back in shape after a sports injury, or just to feel more confident about how you look, stop into Gold’s and talk to one of our male or female personal trainers today.

Jump into shape with personal fitness trainers who will help you improve your form and develop efficient safety techniques. Sculpt your body as certified fitness instructors lead you through an intense circuit training workout where you’ll challenge every muscle in your body. Gold’s fitness experts work with a range of clients, so no matter what your goals they can help. Plus, every Gold’s personal trainer must pass a Gold’s fitness certification course and exam, in addition to being nationally accredited, so you know you are getting what you pay for.