Leesburg Gym Amenities & Cardio Workout Equipment

Cycling Studio, Resistance Machines, Gym Saunas, Weights & Locker Rooms

Build strength on cardio workout equipment at Gold’s Gym with interval training that challenges your muscles and keeps your body guessing. Balance exercise with nutrition counseling sessions where you’ll keep track of your diet and identify problem foods you might be eating. Unwind in the gym sauna at Gold’s after a tough workout so you can go home feeling relaxed. Attempt a group exercise class like yoga on your next visit to keep that restorative feeling going as you tone and sculpt your body.

Blast fat solo on cardio workout equipment or try a group spinning class in our cycling studio and create strong, powerful legs and increase you endurance. Use information from your nutrition counseling session to make a healthy dinner that combines protein and veggies for a balanced diet. Relax muscles in our gym sauna so you can get back into your regular exercise routine faster after an injury. Dance into shape with group exercise classes like Zumba where Latin moves and hip-hop fuse for a workout that is challenging and fun.

State-of-the-art cardio workout equipment and a team of qualified fitness experts are waiting at Gold’s to help you create the body of your dreams. Expertly crafted nutrition counseling sessions boost your fitness results by providing you with valuable health information so you can make more informed decisions.

Lose weight on cardio workout equipment at Gold’s, and then reshape your new body with an invigorating Pilates class for a longer, leaner physique.

Push yourself on cardio workout equipment at Gold’s Gym to shed pounds or just maintain your current weight. Combined with nutrition counseling, a good cardio routine can keep your body in peak condition for years to come. Visit the toasty gym sauna at Gold’s to ease pain from a sports injury, or help manage arthritis. Check the weekly group exercise class schedules for BodyPump or cardio kickboxing to blast away fat and help you work off frustrations.

Use cardio workout equipment and aerobic classes in tandem to stay in great shape, without getting bored. Lose weight with nutrition counseling sessions when you see how cutting one simple item like soda from your diet can make all the difference in your quest to slim down. De-stress in the gym sauna after a long week and let the cares melt off your shoulders. Or, participate in group exercise classes like yoga to unwind and center your mind, body and spirit.