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For Gold's Arlington gyms with a dedicated yoga and Pilates studio, visit the Gold's Gym health club near Courthouse VA. Our recently updated Gold's Gym Courthouse location also offers Pilates classes, which enhance muscular symmetry, alignment, flexibility, coordination and grace. Other classes at this Gold's Gym Arlington VA health club focus on toning the core muscles of your abs and back, or try a different kind of cardio workout with a fun and dynamic martial arts-inspired group exercise routine. Many Gold's fitness clubs, including the Courthouse Gold's Gym, program Zumba, the wildly popular dance workout set to Latin rhythms and other world beats.

At Gold's Arlington gyms, getting fit is never a chore or a bore. In our Gold's Gym Courthouse local fitness center, take a ride on an exercise bike in our indoor cycle studio, or hit the cardio room where you’ll burn calories away in no time with the latest elliptical machines, treadmills and other cardio equipment. Sculpt muscle at this Gold's Gym Arlington VA health club with BODYPUMP, which uses the best weight room exercises, including squats, curls, presses and lifts. Several Gold's fitness clubs, including the Courthouse Gold's Gym at Arlington VA, feature a steam room to help muscles relax and recover before your next vigorous workout.

We put Gold's Arlington gyms close to you so you never have to drive far to get fit. Head to our new Gold's Gym Courthouse facility and grab a ride in the temperature controlled cycle studio.

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1310 N Courthouse Rd, Arlington, VA 22201


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1310 N Courthouse Rd
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Burn calories at Gold's Arlington gyms with all-encompassing cardio and strength training classes that produce total body results. Classes at our Gold's Gym Courthouse location include routines to tone core muscles, and this new Gold's Gym Arlington VA fitness club also offers yoga and Pilates classes.
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Jump into classes at Gold's Arlington gyms, including Zumba, the dance-based cardio workout, which is available at our Courthouse Gold's Gym as well as many other Gold's Gym locations.

Choose Gold's Arlington gyms, including the Courthouse gym, for their extensive Gold's Gym hours, easy-to-reach Gold's Gym locations, up-to-the-minute high tech exercise equipment and world-class fitness coaches. Investigate the Gold's Gym Courthouse local fitness center in Arlington and consult with a nutrition counselor to ensure that you're making the healthiest choices to fuel your cardio, strength training and flexibility workouts. While at this new Gold's Gym Arlington VA location, hop on a state-of-the-art exercise bike in our temperature controlled indoor cycle studio for an intense ride taking you through a variety of challenging terrains and routes. Many Gold's fitness clubs, including the Courthouse Gold's Gym in Arlington, also feature a sauna, the perfect place to settle back and unwind after a vigorous fitness class, solo workout or personal training session.

Build muscle at Gold's Arlington gyms with weight lifting classes that tackle every major muscle group, and while at our Courthouse Gold's Gym, sign up for BODYPUMP, our exclusive 60-minute barbell-based workout filled with hard-driving music and led by inspiring instructors. The spacious Gold's Gym Courthouse facility also offers many cardio group exercises in its weekly Gold's Gym class schedules, from low impact step routines to fast-moving workouts designed to produce total body results. For yoga, our Gold's Gym Arlington VA fitness center programs several options, including beginning classes that teach foundation postures to mixed-level yoga classes where beginners, intermediate and advanced yogis learn more breathing and stretching techniques. Try one of our fitness clubs with a no-risk, no-obligation Gold's Gym FREE pass, which you can find online or obtain by calling or by dropping by any Gold's Gym location.