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Lose weight with nutrition counseling sessions at the Overlook Center Gold’s Gym in Elkridge, Maryland, so you can maximize your workout routine and start feeling great. Blast fat in the cycling studio with a high-powered spin class taught by trained fitness experts who know how to keep you motivated as you climb that next big hill. Or, test other group fitness classes like Zumba for a high-energy workout that uses dance to get you in great shape. Visit our Kid’s Club with your little ones and let them play as you burn calories and get healthier and stronger so you can keep up with their energy!

Balance nutrition counseling sessions with a varied workout routine to strengthen and tone your body. After trying our cycling studio, use a strength training machine to strengthen your arms and core. Supplement work in group fitness classes with individual workouts designed by one of our personal trainers. Then, stop by the Kid’s Club to pick up your child and go home and make a healthy meal for the whole family based on one of our member education webinars on food and diet.

Carve out goals with nutrition counseling sessions designed by male and female personal trainers who know you want to have great meals without compromising your waistline. Go to the cycling studio and burn calories in a spin class, and then take a nice relaxing steam in the gym sauna.

Balance nutrition counseling sessions at Gold’s Gym with a vigorous workout routine and watch as the pounds melt off and your body looks toned.

With the proper nutrition counseling at the Overlook Center Gold’s Gym in Elkridge, Maryland, you can lose weight and feel better about yourself. Have fun in our cycling studio with a high-energy spin class, and build stronger, more defined legs. Join other group fitness classes like BodyPump to build upper body strength with the use of barbells and other weight room equipment. Let little ones visit the Kid’s Club where they’ll participate in fun, age appropriate play while you work out.

Take advantage of nutrition counseling at Gold’s and create healthy yet flavorful meals for your whole family. Race friends in our cycling studio and see who can pedal faster and farther in a fun cycling class. Parents love group fitness classes in our yoga studio for peaceful workout that reenergizes you so you're ready to tackle any challenge. Children love the Kid’s Club because they have fun with others their own age, participating in active, healthy play.