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Develop stamina at the Gold's Gym New Bedford MA fitness club with a demanding cardio class that’s designed for all fitness levels. For New Bedford gyms where you can shoot a few hoops, head straight to this Gold's local gym in your area, home to a spacious and sleek indoor basketball court. Cycle at this Gold's Gym location using up-to-the-minute new exercise bikes that are pre-programmed with an array of demanding routes and terrains. Gain muscle with your Gold's Gym membership with some of the newest resistance machines around, and Gold's Gyms also stock plenty of free weights so you don't have to wait for the equipment you need to carve a bigger, stronger body.

Settle back at the Gold's Gym New Bedford MA health club in our muscle-soothing sauna and help your body recover before the next round of grueling exercise routines. Refuel at Gold's New Bedford gym after a cardio, weight lifting or flexibility workout with a protein shake or paleo snack from our juice bar. Manage stress at this Gold's Gym location with a calming and centering yoga class that teaches you ancient movements and breathing techniques, and brings the body and mind into a state of harmony and peace. Use your Gold's Gym membership to push yourself in a bootcamp fitness class that confuses your muscles with a series of unfamiliar and ever-changing exercises.

Group workouts at the Gold's Gym New Bedford MA local gym in your area range from dance-based fitness classes to bootcamp-style conditioning sessions. For New Bedford gyms with a sauna, check out the comfortably heated sauna at Gold's New Bedford fitness club.

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Play hard at the Gold's Gym New Bedford MA family fitness center in a fast-breaking game of hoops in our indoor basketball court.

Sculpt killer abs at Gold's Gym New Bedford MA location and develop a stronger core for improved functional fitness. Blast fat at Gold's New Bedford gym in a calorie-torching cycling class that tackles steep mountain peaks and fast-breaking sprints – all to the beat of motivating pop and rock tunes. Get stronger at this Gold's Gym location and build endurance, and then take a relaxing breather in our comfortably heated sauna or steam room. Grab a temporary Gold's Gym membership online, by phone or in person, and see for yourself why more than 3 million exercisers across the globe have made a Gold's Gym the focal point of their fitness goals.

Practice three-pointers at Gold's Gym New Bedford MA in our sleek indoor basketball court, or challenge another member to a high-stakes game of hoops. Circuit train at Gold's New Bedford gym across a variety of strength training stations set up to push you past your limits. Like many Gold's Gym locations, our up-to-date New Bedford fitness gym near you boasts a tanning booth so you don't have to travel off-site to achieve that healthy, golden shimmer. Like to dance? Your Gold's Gym membership is a passport to the infectious world beats and easy-to-follow choreography found in Zumba, the phenomenally popular dance fitness workout that feels more like a night at the hottest club in town with good friends.
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