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Jump into the fitness programs at the Culebra Gold's Gym in San Antonio, Texas, for rewarding classes that help you achieve your goals and motivate you to make working out a habit. Our fitness training programs, such as Gold's Nation where you receive fun swag and rewards for doing small and large tasks and activities, are fun ways to keep you interested in different workouts as well as get you involved in your menu planning. Physical fitness training led by dynamic workout instructors keeps you from ever being bored while you're in the gym and inspires you to create your own path toward fitness. Senior training programs, like the Silver Sneakers program, offer classes designed just for seniors and those eligible for Medicare so you are motivated by activities that are geared to your personal circumstances.

Our fitness programs offer a variety of rewards, swag and motivational classes and webinars. Try out a fitness training program such as the Gold's Gym Challenge, a 12-week body transformation challenge that hands out thousands in cash as the top prize. The physical fitness training offered by Gold's Gym instructors in addition to the celebrity webinars, classes and nutritional counseling make it easier to excel in a fitness challenge like the Gold's Gym Challenge. Senior training programs, like Silver Sneakers, offers seniors a variety of resources from specially designed classes to online member support.

Fitness programs that reward and inspire you to better health are an important part of any weight loss plan. Check out the Gold's fitness training programs available to you and join one to start the road to better health, whether you want to focus on more weight loss or a stronger overall body.

Gold's fitness programs are uniquely designed to help you achieve a lifetime full of good health and fitness.

Fitness programs at the Culebra Gold's Gym in San Antonio, Texas, include Silver Sneakers, a program designed to give seniors and those eligible for Medicare a fun way to take control over their health and fitness. Silver Sneakers is a fitness training program that offers classes for seniors who want to improve or regain their flexibility, strength, balance and endurance. Physical fitness training combined with health education seminars and other amenities like the sauna, specialized equipment and a Silver Sneakers program advisor, help seniors recover faster from surgery, illness or injury, or take steps to prevent injuries from occurring. Senior training programs are designed to work with advice from your doctor or other health care professionals so that you can be on your way to better fitness safely and in the time that is right for you.

Join fitness programs like Gold's Nation to find a fun and exciting way to get fit. Take on a fitness training program at Gold's Gym and then leave a comment or review about your gym on social media. Your physical fitness training, combined with your fan-based efforts to promote the gym, earn you points and rewards like Gold's Nation t-shirts and gym bags. Whether you join senior training programs or head into the gym on your own, joining Gold's Nation is a fun way to show you are part of the Gold's Gym team.