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Check out gym classes at the San Antonio Culebra Gym for a body shaping workout. Try local fitness classes that focus on isolating muscle groups to help you build muscle and sculpt your body. Our group fitness classes strengthen your muscles through slow, deliberate exercises like Pilates as well as fast-paced, up-tempo classes like Zumba where you do different dance moves that work different muscle groups. Boxing fitness classes like BodyCombat unleash energy and work all of your muscles while you learn different defense disciplines like karate and tae kwon do as well as boxing.

Grab the gym class schedule and check out the different classes you can do to help you relax after a hard day. Local fitness classes include BodyFlow, which combines yoga, tai chi and Pilates, helping you feel centered while working muscles at the same time. Head into group fitness classes to relax in a social setting and work out your stress and tension. Boxing fitness classes also help workout stress, once punch and kick at a time so you can go home feeling refreshed.

Gold's gym classes are the ideal place to work out and can help you clear your head and feel great about yourself. Our local fitness classes led by dynamic instructors keep you motivated.

Take on gym classes that challenge you and help you move toward your fitness goals.

Gym classes at the San Antonio Culebra Gym can give you the energy boost you need to keep going. Our local fitness classes are designed to motivate and challenge you to reach your goals. Try group fitness classes like BodyPump for a new variation on routine weightlifting and become inspired to increase the time you spend lifting weights for increased calorie burn and muscle building. A boxing fitness class can get you punching your way toward your goals with fun and excitement.

World-class instructors lead gym classes designed to make getting in shape easier and more fun. In our local fitness classes, learn from fitness and health experts who can answer your questions and help you move toward your weight loss and other fitness goals. Join in group fitness classes such as BodyPump or BodyAttack, led by a professional instructor, and get your body moving in different ways. Grab your gloves for boxing fitness classes to burn off some stress or your yoga mat for yoga classes that can relax you no matter your mood.