Personal Trainers & Nutrition Counseling in San Antonio Gyms

Group Fitness Classes, Yoga Classes, Cardio Equipment, & Cycling Studios

The cycling studio at the San Antonio Culebra Gym is the ideal place to grab a workout with friends after work. Use the cardio exercise equipment in the innovative Cardio Cinema to de-stress from the day while burning calories and watching a full-length feature film, making working out a social event. Sign up for group classes like BodyPump where you can do traditional weightlifting moves to fun, upbeat music with a buddy and then enjoy a healthy smoothie after. Nutrition counseling experts give you meal and snack ideas that you can share with your friends and then host a dinner party using these ideas.

Bike ride in the cycling studio against your friends and classmates, building strength as you torch calories and work toward your weight loss goal. Cardio exercise equipment like treadmills and ellipticals keep you working steadily toward your weight loss goals without stressing out your joints. Group classes in aerobics, kickboxing, yoga, Pilates and other areas help you burn calories and fat in a fun way designed to keep your mind off the exercise. Make nutrition counseling a priority and get your menu plan in line with your weight loss goal.

The cycling studio is designed to be a comfortable place for you to have an intense workout or a relaxing cool-down. Cardio exercise equipment works in tandem with group classes to work your body toward better fitness.

In our cycling studio, start pedaling your way to better health, stronger muscles and a leaner you.

The cycling studio at the San Antonio Culebra Gym is a climate-controlled studio devoted to cycling classes and independent cycling training. Our cardio exercise equipment is state-of-the-art and ideal for warming up, cooling down or intensifying your work out. Join our group classes led by world-class instructors and get a jump on the competition no matter what your athletic preference. Make an appointment for nutrition counseling and enjoy the company of a knowledgeable personal trainer who can put you on the path to eating well.

Get moving in the cycling studio, take on a personal trainer or Zen out in a yoga class as part of your Gold's Gym membership. The cardio exercise equipment in the cardio theater gives you a place to pass the time productively while getting rid of the day's stressors. Our local group classes are designed to be social and fun while still actively giving you additional tools for better fitness and strength. Nutrition counseling is the ideal place to work out your eating plan for better overall health while your kids are having a great time in the Kid's Club.