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Send metabolism skyrocketing at Gold's Gym Natick MA using our high tech rowers, ellipticals, stair climbers and exercise bikes. For weight lifting, Gold's Natick gym boasts plenty of iron in our free weights section along with selectorized and plate loaded resistance machines. Seniors, use your Gold's Gym FREE pass to try a workout designed just for older exercisers, and this strength training and aerobic fitness class is low impact and easy on the joints. Consult trainers at Gold's Gym locations if you're a new exerciser and need guidance on your first round of workouts, or if you're an experienced athlete who has hit a fitness wall and need exercises that will push you past that plateau.

Like Les Mills classes? Gold's Gym Natick MA location programs several workouts created by this legendary fitness coach, including BodyPump, the original barbell-based weight lifting class that tackles every major muscle group. For weight loss, Gold's Natick gym offers BodyCombat, a dynamic and high-powered workout where you kick, punch, strike and kata your way to superior fitness. Try BodyAttack with your Gold's Gym FREE pass for an interval training session that boosts stamina with movements drawn from an array of martial arts disciplines. Like many Gold's Gym locations, the Natick Gold's fitness center near you features a Kid's Club, where little ones play while you work out.

Get pumped at the Gold's Gym Natick MA in a weight lifting built around classic weight room exercises. Tone up at Gold's Natick gym with a yoga class that promotes strength, balance and flexibility.

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Power-up at the Gold's Gym Natick MA before a workout with a freshly blended smoothie from our juice bar, or grab a recovery shake after a cardio, strength training or yoga class.

Gold's Gym Natick MA health and fitness center near you stays open expanded Gold's Gym hours, so you can fit a workout in whether you're an early bird or night owl. Weekly Gold's Natick gym class schedules are filled with inventive group exercises, and there's something for every interest and every level of exerciser. Find a Gold's Gym FREE pass online, or obtain this temporary Gold's Gym membership with a phone call or by stopping by our ultramodern Natick MA Gold's Gym. Exercise at this convenient Gold's Gym location and then head to the juice bar for a nutritious and delicious post-workout snack.

Muscle conditioning classes at Gold's Gym Natick MA work your heart as well as strengthen your body, and like all of our fitness classes, you can make modifications to these exercises to address your specific fitness level. Among Natick gyms, the Natick Gold's health club near you is prized for its cutting-edge fitness facilities, which include a yoga and Pilates studio that shields surrounding noise, creating an especially peaceful workout space. Use your Gold's Gym FREE pass for an intense bootcamp-style class that uses plyometric, side-stepping and running drills along with an obstacle course to whip you into the best shape of your life. Kids at this Gold's Gym location take part in creative activities in our Kid's Club, which is open convenient hours.
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