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Lose weight with Gold's Gym workout programs at your local gym in Austin's Anderson Arbor. Our fitness programs, like Silver Sneakers and Gold's Gym Challenge, provide certified fitness coaches to help keep you on track to reach your health and fitness goals. Our group fitness for seniors is fun and energizing, while also encouraging older adults to take greater control of their health through physical activity and social events. Physical training programs, our membership educational webinars and our corporate fitness programs are other ways we have committed to helping you Know Your Own Strength.

Our Gold's Gym workout programs are about more than just providing a fantastic local gym to work out. Exercise programs like Silver Sneakers build a community for our members to grow, challenge each other and keep fellow gym members motivated and successful. Fitness for seniors and our Tour de Cure are community-building programs that not only instill the importance of health and fitness, but also create awareness of certain health issues, like diabetes. Join our physical training programs and get the most from your fitness club membership.

Improve your training with Gold's Gym workout programs designed by our team of fitness experts. From Silver Sneakers to educational webinars, our corporate fitness programs help you increase your health and fitness.

Challenge yourself with Gold's Gym workout programs that help you transform your body in just 12 weeks!

Our Gold's Gym workout programs feature corporate fitness programs at our Austin's Anderson Arbor fitness club, where we help keep your employees healthy. Or seniors try our Silver Sneakers program, an award-winning program that encourages physical activity and offers social events for seniors. Plus, this fitness for seniors is also available for eligible Medicare or group retirees at special rates. Take advantage of our physical training programs to get the most from your local gym membership.

Increase your strength with Gold's Gym workout programs that bring fitness coaches together with gym members to increase overall health and fitness. Silver Sneakers and the Gold's Gym Challenge are excellent strength training programs designed to educate on proper weight lifting, cardio exercise and weight loss techniques. For example, our fitness for seniors includes stress management and flexibility sessions during the senior yoga programs. Physical training programs at Anderson Arbor Gold's Gym are led by certified fitness experts to help you get fit and stay fit for lasting wellbeing.