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Challenge yourself in Gold's Gym classes to pedal faster, kick harder, jump higher and breathe deeper. With local fitness classes and certified fitness experts on your side, your fitness goals are within reach. Special cardio and yoga programs are developed by our staff of personal trainers to give you the best results from each workout. For example, our cardio kickboxing classes are fiercely energetic and combine elements of various martial arts training such as karate, boxing, taekwondo, tai chi and muay Thai.

Take Gold's Gym classes and discover the benefits of group fitness classes. During local fitness classes, friendships form to help keep you motivated to come back for the next water aerobics class or indoor cycling session. As with our yoga programs, fitness coaches show intensity modifications so you can feel confident joining a new class or trying an unfamiliar exercise program. From cardio kickboxing classes to strength training barbell classes, you have options when you come to Austin's Gold's Gym at Anderson Arbor.

Try any of our Gold's Gym classes as see how much fun weight loss and muscle building really are. Our local fitness classes are led by certified fitness experts to keep you energized and coming back for more.

Join Gold's Gym classes and get results when you kick, punch, stretch and breathe your way to better health.

Join Gold's Gym classes at our Anderson Arbor fitness club in Austin and get fit while you work out to energetic music, specially choreographed moves and the best certified fitness coaches in the business. Our local fitness classes offer variety to help you find the right fit for your cardio or weight loss goals. Choose from yoga programs that are high intensity, or relax in one of the calming, gentler sessions. Keep active with cardio kickboxing classes, water aerobics and step classes that push your limits for maximum results.

Gold's Gym classes are created by our team of certified fitness experts to give you the most impact during your time at the gym. Get more from your local fitness classes by choosing ones that focus on muscle building, weight loss, cardio endurance and stress management. With yoga programs, cardio group exercises and spin classes offered almost daily, finding a class that works toward your goals is easy. Join in our cardio kickboxing classes or other high energy classes and get in shape while having fun.