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Get fit at Gold's San Antonio gyms like our Downtown Travis local fitness center, which schedules high-energy fat-burning classes like Zumba, the phenomenally popular dance-based fitness class that combines Latin rhythms with cardio exercise. While at the Gold's Gym Downtown Travis local gym in your area, try a signature Gold’s Gym workout such as BODYCOMBAT, an empowering fitness class mixing karate, taekwondo, tai chi and boxing. For stress management, this San Antonio gym offers yoga classes that teach you classic postures, stretches and breathing techniques that will leave you feeling calm and centered. Other highlights of the Gold's Gym class schedules for our Downtown Travis location include instructor-led indoor group cycling workouts that take on hills, flats, mountain peaks and time trials.

At many San Antonio gyms, including our Downtown Travis location, find exclusive workouts like BODYPUMP, a 60-minute strength training class that challenges every major muscle group. This Gold's Gym Downtown Travis location, as well as many other Gold's Gym local fitness centers, also programs BODYCOMBAT classes, which blend karate, taekwondo, muay Thai and boxing into empowering routines that sharpen agility and speed. For intense cardio, this downtown Gold's Gym San Antonio TX facility also offers BODYATTACK, our own sports-inspired cardio workout founded on high intensity interval training, and this strength and endurance-boosting class will quickly transform weekend warriors into hardcore athletic competitors. Create customized gym class schedules with a Gold's Gym fitness expert who can also provide informed nutritional counseling.

We put Gold's San Antonio gyms near you so you don't have to travel very far to improve your health and fitness. Check out our Gold's Gym Downtown Travis location for its dedicated cycle studio, high-tech resistance machines and convenient pro shop.

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214 East Travis St, San Antonio, TX 78205


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214 East Travis St
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Explore Gold's San Antonio gyms, like our Downtown Travis location, and you'll find state-of-the-art amenities, world-class fitness experts and fitness classes for every level of exerciser. The Gold's Gym Downtown Travis local gym in your area features an indoor cycle studio, and this Gold's Gym San Antonio TX branch is open convenient hours so you can grab a workout even during hectic weeks.
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Many Gold's San Antonio gyms, including our Downtown Travis fitness facility, schedule BODYCOMBAT, our original martial arts-inspired workout that's fun and fiercely energetic.

Explore Gold's San Antonio gyms, like our Downtown Travis local fitness center, to help you discover your athlete within. Our up-to-date Gold's Gym Downtown Travis health club programs weekly Gold's Gym class schedules filled with fun and challenging fitness workouts, from low-impact cardio classes to fiercely energetic exercise routines supported by driving music. At this Gold's Gym San Antonio TX location, you'll enjoy extensive Gold's Gym hours throughout the week, making it easy to grab a sweat-inducing workout morning, noon or night. Search our gym class schedules for group exercise classes, or speak with one of our world-class personal trainers to design a fitness and diet plan tailored to your long-term health and exercise goals.

For top-quality downtown San Antonio gyms, don't pass up the Gold's Gym Downtown Travis family fitness center, which offers unique gym amenities, including a pros shop filled with an array of fitness products and workout attire. Other highlights of our Gold's Gym Downtown Travis health club include a dedicated cycle studio, where you can push your stamina to its limit or challenge a friend to a rousing race across varied terrains. Fitness experts at this Gold's Gym San Antonio TX location, and at all Gold's Gyms worldwide, are on hand to provide you with the latest scientific training techniques and nutritional counseling. Browse the posted Gold's Gym Class schedules for this Gold's local gym in your area, or go for a solo workout using our high-tech strength training machines and comprehensive free weights sets.