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Certified Fitness Instructors & Alamo Heights Personal Fitness Trainers

World-class local personal trainers await you at Gold's Gym in San Antonio's Alamo Heights. At our health club, find personal trainers dedicated to getting results for our gym members. Take control with certified fitness trainers guiding you through workout programs specific to your weight loss or athletic strength training goals. Working with nutrition and fitness experts is the best way to overcome the hurdles along your fitness journey.

Our staff of local personal trainers includes male and female personal trainers with extensive backgrounds and certifications in nutrition, training program development, fitness assessments and dieting. Teaching proper techniques, certified fitness trainers are excellent partners when starting out weight lifting or when exploring stress management exercises. Turn to our fitness experts to improve your success rate and maximize your gym membership benefits.

Go further with local personal trainers at Gold's Gym. Find personal trainers who are fitness experts in weight loss, muscle building, nutrition, sports training and more.

  • Anthony Rodriguez Anthony Rodriguez - Personal Trainer
    Anthony Rodriguez Anthony Rodriguez - Personal Trainer Certified Fitness Trainer, Silver Sneakers Personal Trainer, Personal Fitness Training & Senior Fitness Trainer Turn to certified personal trainer, Anthony Rodriguez, if you are a senior looking to increase your range of motion and agility, or if you are a weekend warrior training for your next event. One of our fitness trainers experienced with a wide range of fitness techniques, Anthony can help you set realistic goals after he assesses your current level of fitness. When you commit to personal training with Anthony, you can rest assured that he will provide the friendly yet firm support you need to crush your fitness goals, and then set new ones. See More
  • Diane Lacy Diane Lacy - Personal Trainer
    Diane Lacy Diane Lacy - Personal Trainer Female Fitness Trainers Near Me, Pilates Fitness Trainer, Personal Training Near Me & Female Pilates Trainer if you desire personal trainers near you that specialize in Pilates and water training, look no further than Diane Lacy, who also holds national personal fitness certifications. One of our female personal trainers, she can help you increase your flexibility and sculpt your muscles with Pilates, and then boost your cardiovascular health with cardio drills and plyometric exercises. Let fitness trainer Diane be your cheerleader, and guide you to success. See More
  • Derrick Copenhaver Derrick Copenhaver - Personal Trainer
    Derrick Copenhaver Derrick Copenhaver - Personal Trainer Certified Personal Trainers, Personal Fitness Training, Fitness Trainers Near Me & Personal Training Personal fitness trainer, Derrick Copenhaver, helps you realize the full potential of your body with challenging one-on-one workouts that help you build muscle and increase your stamina. A well-rounded personal trainer, Derrick provides sound exercise programs based on your goals, and he constantly tweaks your program to match your increasing fitness level. And training with fitness trainer Derrick keeps you on track to meet your fitness objectives. See More
  • Lauren King Lauren King - Personal Trainer
    Lauren King Lauren King - Personal Trainer Female Certified Fitness Trainers, Personal Fitness Trainer, Certified Personal Trainer & Female Trainers If you prefer female personal trainers for training sessions, meet with Lauren King to discuss your health and fitness goals. One of our personal trainers, Lauren takes the guesswork out of making the most of your time at the gym by providing you with a tailored-to-you workout program. Like all of our certified fitness trainers, Lauren can show you proper exercise form and help you establish a healthy gym routine based on your busy schedule. See More
  • Sean Segrest Sean Segrest - Personal Trainer
    Sean Segrest Sean Segrest - Personal Trainer Online Personal Fitness Trainers, Fitness Training, Online Personal Training & Certified Fitness Trainers Partner with personal fitness trainer, Sean Segrest, if you are an elite athlete looking to gain a competitive edge, or if you are a weekend warrior who needs nutrition tips for training. Better than an online personal trainer, Sean can give you immediate feedback based on your athletic performance, and he can develop a workout program that fine tunes your strengths and improves your weaknesses. With the help of fitness trainers, you can increase your skills on the field, the golf course, the court and more. See More
  • Jeremy Turner Jeremy Turner - Personal Trainer
    Jeremy Turner Jeremy Turner - Personal Trainer Nutrition Counseling Near Me, Local Personal Trainers, Personal Nutrition Trainer & Local Fitness Trainer Get fit with local nutrition counseling and personal fitness training with Jeremy Turner. One of Gold's top-notch personal trainers, Jeremy can design holistic programs that address your nutritional and physical needs, whether you are a long distance runner looking to increase your marathon times, an new mom hoping to shed the "baby weight" or a senior citizen interested in increasing your mobility and energy levels. Jeremy is a personal fitness trainer who focuses on the total picture to deliver the best results. See More
  • Kimberly Burke Kimberly Burke - Personal Trainer
    Kimberly Burke Kimberly Burke - Personal Trainer Personal Fitness Coach, Female Personal Trainers, Personal Coach & Personal Fitness Trainers A personal trainer with passion and purpose, Kimberly Burke is ready to help you achieve your fitness goals with personalized training programs designed to challenge you as you progress. Enthusiastic support from your fitness trainer is just one essential ingredient to staying focused on your gym objectives, and Kimberly is dedicated to being your number one cheerleader from start to finish. And as a fitness coach, she keeps a watchful eye on your workouts so there's no room for slacking off, only doing your best. See More
  • Tara Poole Tara Poole - Personal Trainer
    Tara Poole Tara Poole - Personal Trainer Online Fitness Trainer, Personal Nutrition Counseling, Personal Fitness Training & Local Personal Training Forget online personal training and dieting, and instead partner with Tara Poole, one of our world class fitness trainers and nutritionists. Whether you need a personal fitness trainer to design a safe pre and post natal workout program, or a modified exercise program for recovering from an injury, Tara is trained and certified to assist you with those goals, and she can also help you address any other health and fitness goals you might have. And she offers local nutrition counseling to give you the one-two punch you need to not only increase your fitness level, but also take better care of your inside and out. See More
  • Montana Gibson Montana Gibson - Personal Trainer
    Montana Gibson Montana Gibson - Personal Trainer Fitness Coach Near Me, Online Fitness Trainer, Personal Fitness Trainers Near Me & Personal Fitness Coach When searching online for personal trainers, stop your search with Montana Gibson, a Gold's certified fitness trainer with national certifications. One of our personal trainers near you, Montana provides you with an accurate assessment of your fitness level, and he helps you set attainable goals. As a passionate fitness coach, Montana fuels your workouts with positive reinforcement, and he keeps you challenged and engaged by varying your workouts from session to session. See More
  • Tony Guzman Tony Guzman - Personal Trainer
    Tony Guzman Tony Guzman - Personal Trainer Certified Personal Trainer, Personal Fitness Training, Fitness Trainer & Local Personal Trainer With guidance from certified fitness trainer, Tony Guzman, you can overcome fitness plateaus and other roadblocks to making your health and fitness goals reality. A knowledgable personal trainer, workouts with Tony draw from the best exercise techniques ranging from high intensity interval training and plyometric exercise to strength training and bootcamp style calisthenics. And Tony is a personal fitness trainer who can help you train your inner voice to say "I can," instead of "I can't," when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. See More
  • Anthony Wilhelm Anthony Wilhelm - Personal Trainer
    Anthony Wilhelm Anthony Wilhelm - Personal Trainer Online Personal Trainers, Fitness Trainer Near Me, Online Fitness Training & Certified Personal Trainer Between online personal training and in-person personal training, there is no comparison because online interaction can't replace the motivation and encouragement you get from someone standing next to you cheering you on. Personal trainer, Anthony Wilhelm, not only provides you with positive encouragement, but also demanding one-on-one workouts that take into account your own personal strengths and weaknesses. And as a personal trainer near you, Anthony is only a walk or short drive to the gym away, so there is no excuse for putting off until tomorrow, what you can do today–and that is get fit and healthy. See More
  • Mara Tamez Mara Tamez - Personal Trainer
    Mara Tamez Mara Tamez - Personal Trainer Pilates Personal Training, Personal Fitness Training, Female Fitness Trainer & Personal Pilates Trainers With personal fitness trainer Mara Tamez, who specializes in Pilates, increase your flexibility, range of motion and core strength. One of our female personal trainers, Mara can help you lengthen and strengthen your muscles with carefully structured exercises developed by renown fitness expert Joseph Pilates. And personal training with Mara makes you look and feel better in your clothes, and you can address a myriad of other fitness goals such as losing weight or increasing agility during training sessions. See More
  • Kelly Pittman Kelly Pittman - Personal Trainer
    Kelly Pittman Kelly Pittman - Personal Trainer Personal Fitness Training, Pilates Personal Trainer, Personal Fitness Coach & Female Fitness Trainer With personal trainer, Kelly Pittman, tackle health and fitness goals like being able to run around the play ground with your kids, increasing your flexibility and range of motion so that everyday activities are easier or building core strength to improve your overall athletic ability. A fitness coach who specializes in Pilates, Kelly draws on her knowledge of the body and how it works to design workout programs for tailored for you. And with personal training, you can learn how to manage stress with relaxation techniques and focused breathing. See More
  • Zach Tagle Zach Tagle - Personal Trainer
    Zach Tagle Zach Tagle - Personal Trainer TRX Fitness Trainer, Local Certified Fitness Trainer, Personal Nutrition Counseling & Personal Training Partner with fitness trainer, Zach Tagle, if you are ready to take your fitness to the next level, whether you are a soccer league player looking to increase speed and agility or a new cyclist getting ready for your first race. Not only a nationally certified personal trainer, but also certified in sports nutrition and TRX, Zach meets with you to define your goals and assess your fitness level, and then develops a solid plan of attack especially for you. And with his local nutrition counseling, he can help you create healthy eating plans, eat smart for races and more. See More
  • Fabian Ramirez Fabian Ramirez - Personal Trainer
    Fabian Ramirez Fabian Ramirez - Personal Trainer Local Prenatal Fitness Trainer, Nutrition Counseling, Local Fitness Training & Postnatal Fitness Trainer One of our fitness trainers who also specializes in nutrition, Fabian Ramirez designs health and fitness programs that address the needs of your body inside and out. Local nutrition counseling with Fabian can include plans for eating on the go if you constantly find yourself eating out, or creating healthy meals at home. And personal training sessions with Fabian draw from all kinds of exercise styles like bootcamp-style calisthenics, interval training and more, and he can create workouts especially for expecting or new mothers with his specialty in pre and post natal exercise. See More

Boost your workout with local personal trainers pushing you to work harder and smarter.

When you partner with local personal trainers at Gold's Gym in San Antonio's Alamo Heights, you get the knowledge of our top fitness coaches helping you succeed. Find personal trainers to help you overcome obesity, train for a marathon, recover from a sports injury and push through weight loss plateaus. Team up with certified personal trainers at your local family fitness center and benefit from their experience, knowledge and educational background. Our nutrition and fitness experts are committed to your success and are renowned for getting results.

Lose weight with local personal trainers rooting you on toward success. At Gold's Gym, find personal trainers who are not just the best-in-the-business fitness coaches, but also your biggest cheerleaders. With certified fitness trainers showing you the right moves and techniques to get the most from each workout, your fitness goals are within reach. Turn to our fitness experts when you have questions on dieting, stress management and other health and fitness related questions – we’re here to help.