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Experience community through fitness training programs at Gold's Gym in San Antonio's Alamo Heights. Our workout programs venture outside our health club walls with our Tour de Cure fundraising bike ride to create awareness for diabetes. Inviting businesses to join corporate fitness programs is another way we reach out to encourage healthy living through our community leaders. Exercise programs for seniors, such as our national Silver Sneakers program, and our member educational webinars are additional ways we continue to support and promote getting fit with the help of our local health club.

Get fit with fitness training programs at Gold's Gym and challenge yourself to share your healthy lifestyle with your community. Start with our workout programs that test your strength in our 12-week body transformation contest for a chance to win up to $75,000. Encourage businesses to join corporate fitness programs to benefit from a stronger wellness initiative that boosts employee workplace productivity as well as improve family life with increased physical activity. With our exercise programs for seniors, like senior yoga and senior water aerobics, we put a focus on independent living for our older community members and keep them strong.

Test your strength with fitness training programs that challenge you to get stronger. Our workout programs go beyond the weight room and work to build healthier communities.

Get stronger with fitness training programs at Gold's Gym health club.

Committed to our community, fitness training programs at San Antonio's Gold's Gym in Alamo Heights are dedicated to making a difference in the health and fitness of our members. Participate in our workout programs and challenge yourself to be part of something bigger. From corporate fitness programs for local businesses to our national Tour de Cure bike ride fundraiser for Diabetes, our programs offer many ways members can make great strides in fitness and to support our community. Promoting senior health, exercise programs for seniors, like senior yoga and social activities keep our older members physically active and in good health for independent living.

Fitness training programs at Gold's Gym are educational, rewarding and reach out to our local community to improve health and fitness. From our 12-week workout program to our educational webinars, personal trainers and fitness experts keep you motivated to make healthy choices. Partnering with local business, corporate fitness programs help employers improve their wellness initiatives, reduce their healthcare costs, improve employee morale and increase productivity. And our Silver Sneakers exercise programs for seniors is just one more way to reach out to our older community members and encourage active lifestyles.