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While our Gold's Irving Valley Ranch gym offers state-of-the-art cardio and muscle building machines, we're more than an average gym, providing all you need to get fit and healthy for a lifetime with nutrition counseling, group fitness classes, personal fitness coaches, and extras like a basketball court and swimming pool. By getting a Gold's Gym Irving TX membership, you have access to a personal trainer who helps you determine the best exercises to reach your goals. Our superior fitness programs are worked into your personalized health and wellness plan to add diversity to your workout routine. Our Gold's Gym class schedule offers a variety of class types throughout the day, so you can fit one into your busy schedule.

Also at our Gold's Irving Valley Ranch gym is a full basketball court, swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, Cardio Cinema, tanning and more. Get creative at Gold's Gym Irving TX by mixing up your workout – swim a few laps, work up a sweat playing a game of one-on-one basketball and run a few miles while you watch your favorite movie. Our group fitness programs even offer specialized classes for your kids, like a rockin' Zumba class choreographed with kid-friendly routines and music, and a kid-friendly group yoga class that combines storytelling and yoga moves to create healthy minds and bodies. Our Gold's Gym class schedule and other amenities are designed to help you get the most out of your gym hours.

At Gold's Irving Valley Ranch gym it's fitness for the entire family! Our Gold's Gym Irving TX is a local gym in the Dallas area that offers more than world-class exercise equipment and fitness programs for adults, your gym membership also includes activities for your kids, such as a swimming pool, basketball court, kid-friendly Zumba and yoga classes and more.

Irving (Valley Ranch)
Weight lifter

Irving (Valley Ranch)

10010 North MacArthur Blvd, Irving, TX 75063

972-401-8282 (1001)

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Irving (Valley Ranch)
Irving (Valley Ranch) Irving (Valley Ranch) Texas Local Gold's Gym Locations, Exercise Class Schedules, Personal Trainers, Gym Memberships & Local Gold's Gym Hours
Lose weight at Gold's Irving Valley Ranch gym with the help of our Gold's Gym Irving TX diet and health experts, nutrition counselors and high-energy fitness programs that keep you motivated and on track to a healthier lifestyle. At Gold's Gym Irving TX, we also have everything from a basketball court to a swimming pool to the best fitness coaches.
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  • HoursGym Hours

    Mon - Fri : 5:00AM - 11:00PM

    Sat - Sun : 7:00AM - 7:00PM

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  • Kids ClubGym Kids Club

    Mon - Thu : 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM & 4:30 PM - 8:30 PM

    Fri : 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

    Sat : 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM

    Sun : Closed

  • ClassesGym Classes

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Feel your best at Gold's Irving Valley Ranch gym after you challenge yourself to one of our group fitness programs, laps in our swimming pool, or a weight training session using our free weights – just a few of the high-energy activities you'll find at our Gold's Gym Irving TX.

Set fitness goals at Gold's Irving Valley Ranch gym with the help of our certified fitness coaches, and use our online tools, like What's Your Goal to get a list of handpicked workouts that help you effectively reach those goals. Exercise variety at our Gold's Gym Irving TX fitness facility is key to reaching goals, by changing up your exercises, from lap swimming to Pilates for example, you'll stay motivated and active. Create a fitness program with your personal trainer that is guided toward your goal, whether it's overall health or weight loss, and stick with it – we believe you are stronger with a plan! Our Gold's Gym class schedule flexes with you; if your goal is stress management, you can find a yoga class offered in the mornings or evenings to fit your schedule.

FREE passes to our Gold's Irving Valley Ranch gym are available so you can try our health and fitness club risk free before getting your membership. Gold's Gym Irving TX offers a world-class fitness center close to you, with all the amenities you need to live a healthy life, including nutrition counseling, diet experts and personal fitness coaches. Our fitness programs are specially designed to keep you focused and reaching your goals, and each of our certified instructors have the same mission – to help you Know Your Own Strength. Take a look at our Gold's Gym class schedule and amenities list and get signed up today!