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Partner with a personal fitness trainer at the Gold’s Gym in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, who specializes in weight loss if you want to drop a few pounds or if you have significant weight to lose. Our fitness trainers have helped many gym members achieve their goals and are ready to help you, too. One-on-one workouts with our certified fitness instructors can include boot camp style calisthenics and muscle building workouts using our resistance machines. Ask our fitness coaches about nutrition counseling when you need a personal trainer who can also supply you with healthy meal ideas and sound nutrition advice.

Meet with a personal fitness trainer if you are a new Mom returning to the gym. Ease into workouts with fitness trainers who specialize in creating workouts that take care not to exert too much strain on your abdomen. Dads join training with certified fitness instructors to get rid of the extra sympathy baby weight they sometimes gain during their partner’s pregnancy. Our fitness coaches can create a workout program that works for both of you so that you can exercise together at this family fitness center.

Get stronger with a personal fitness trainer, and gain the muscle definition you have always desired. Our fitness trainers all hold Gold’s Fitness Personal Trainer certification and use their knowledge of sports physiology to create workout programs that challenge and inspire you.

  • Sean Barger Sean Barger - Personal Trainer
    Sean Barger Sean Barger - Personal Trainer Athletic Fitness Training, Certified Fitness Coach, Local Fitness Coaching & Best Personal Training Personal trainers showed Sean Barger the difference a professionally designed exercise program using proper techniques can make, and he was inspired to become a personal trainer so he could help others in the same way. As a fitness coach, Sean can help with endurance training, injury prevention, weight loss, athletic performance or daily functionality. Sean is a certified fitness trainer with the International Sports Science Association, the National Federation of Personal Trainers, and the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers. See More
  • David Tatro David Tatro - Personal Trainer
    David Tatro David Tatro - Personal Trainer Physical Training Coach, Best Personal Trainer, Certified Fitness Coach & Local Training Expert Certified fitness trainer David Tatro is a military physical training leader in addition to work with the American Council on Exercise and the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers. Fitness trainers change the lives of the people they work with, and David is passionate about helping people successfully pursue their fitness goals. Finding personal trainers near you with the range of experience and talent that David has isn't easy, but David is ready to help you. See More
  • Maegan Goodwin Maegan Goodwin - Personal Trainer
    Maegan Goodwin Maegan Goodwin - Personal Trainer Personal Fitness Trainer, Female Fitness Coach, Personal Training & Local Sports Conditioning Female personal trainer Maegan Goodwin started training people for free because she was passionate about improving her own health and she wanted to share all she had learned and show people how to change their lives. Personal training, for Maegan, is about addressing the challenge of maintaining weight and succeeding. If you want a fitness trainer who is tough but kind, Maegan is a professional MMA fighter who really cares about her clients. See More
  • Debra Hofer Debra Hofer - Personal Trainer
    Debra Hofer Debra Hofer - Personal Trainer Female Fitness Coach, Certified Fitness Trainer, Rehabilitative Fitness Training & Weight Loss Coaching Get local nutrition counseling from Debra Hofer, an expert with a bachelor's in dietics and a master's in nutritional sciences as well as being a registered dietitian. As a female personal trainer who has had hip replacement surgery, Debra knows how to work with clients dealing with injuries or other limiting factors. Debra's personal training expertise includes working with youths, the elderly and the developmentally disabled. See More
  • Niko Wright Niko Wright - Personal Trainer
    Niko Wright Niko Wright - Personal Trainer Certified Fitness Coach, Local Personal Training, Physical Fitness Coach & Best Personal Trainer Near You Certified personal trainer Niko Wright believes in the power of dedication and perseverance and that you can do anything you put your mind to. As your fitness coach, he will give you 100 percent so that you can achieve your fitness goals and feel better about your life. Personal trainers are only as good as their knowledge, and Niko mixes a life filled with sports and fitness with a passionate study of the best ways to lose weight, improve strength and get fit. See More
  • Tony Gillespie Tony Gillespie - Personal Trainer
  • Jaeson Vo Jaeson Vo - Personal Trainer
    Jaeson Vo Jaeson Vo - Personal Trainer Help With Nutrition, Diet and Exercise Coach, Certified Fitness Coach & Certified Fitness Training Local nutrition counseling is one of the keys to training with Jaeson Vo, who believes that flexible eating using nutrition knowledge is more effective than a diet-based plan. Jaeson is a certified fitness trainer with the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers and the National Association of Sports Medicine, and he has extensively studied the science behind exercise, nutrition and disease. Personal trainers do not come more accessible than Jaeson, who gives his clients his cellphone number so they can contact him when they are in need. See More
  • David Cunningham David Cunningham - Personal Trainer
    David Cunningham David Cunningham - Personal Trainer Weight Loss Coach, Certified Fitness Trainer, Best Fitness Coaching & Local Personal Trainers An online personal trainer can't be with you ever step of the way like David Cunningham, whose own success at losing 100 pounds fueled his passion for helping others become fitter. As a personal fitness trainer, David can help with whatever your goals might be, whether it is getting off a medication, improving health, or changing your physical appearance. A dedicated fitness coach like David can lead you to the many daily small victories that add up to a major accomplishment. See More
  • Jessa Ford Jessa Ford - Personal Trainer
    Jessa Ford Jessa Ford - Personal Trainer Personal Fitness Coach, Women's Fitness Training, Best Personal Training & Local Female Coaching Female personal trainer Jessa Ford specializes in TRX, nutrition, corrective exercise, sports performance and track and field. Jessa is a certified fitness trainer through the American College of Sports Medicine as well as having a degree in exercise sports science with an emphasis in biomechanical research. The best personal trainers make exercise fun, but Jessa will also show you that you have more potential than you ever thought by helping you find your real goals for getting fit. See More

Team up with a personal fitness trainer who specializes in sports if you are a league player who wants to improve performance.

Get motivational support with personal fitness trainers at the Gold’s Gym in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, for fitness experts who are experienced in tackling goals with hard work and determination. One-on-one workouts with our fitness trainers can include high intensity cardio and muscle building intervals that push you to your fitness limit. With our certified fitness instructors, improve your level of fitness faster with this type of workout that maximizes your time at the gym. Team up with a fitness coach and achieve the goals you never thought were possible.

With a personal fitness trainer at this local gym, trim inches from your body and lose weight with intense cardio workouts. Our fitness trainers create workout programs that can target specific body areas that you want toned using muscle-building repetitions with free weights and our resistance training machines. And, our certified fitness instructors have worked with all shapes and sizes of people who struggle with weight management, and know what is takes to help you succeed. Our fitness coaches partner with you on the trail to a healthy lifestyle and keep you accountable.