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Broken Arrow OK Gym Classes, Zumba Classes & Fitness Class Schedules

Jump into aerobic exercise and strength training classes at the Gold’s Gym in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Build muscles with group exercise workouts such as BodyPump where you sculpt, tone and strengthen your whole body with routines that use barbells. Or dive into water exercise classes for a low impact workout that uses the resistance of the water to tone your body and improve your cardiovascular health. Then stretch in aerobic yoga classes where you engage in ancient poses in a calm and inviting atmosphere conducive to finding inner peace.

Blast calories with aerobic exercise classes for all fitness levels including senior fitness classes. Unleash energy in the group exercise workout that has been described as a hot dance party, Zumba, or melt pounds in one of our other dance-inspired cardio classes. Dive into our water exercise classes where you burn calories at almost the same rate as you would jogging but without the added stress on your joints. Then get toned with aerobic yoga classes and gain the lean body you desire without adding bulk.

Get fit with energizing aerobic exercise in the cardio kickboxing class, BodyCombat, or join senior fitness classes if you are an older exerciser looking for low impact classes. Maximize gym time with group exercise workouts that combine high-intensity cardio training with muscle building intervals for a total body workout.

Shake your booty in aerobic exercise classes inspired by the latest dance styles, and get fit while having fun at this local gym.

Diverse aerobic exercise classes at the Gold’s Gym in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, give you the flexibility to amp up your routine with classes that inspire you, whether you like to dance, lift weights, or punch and kick your way to fitness. Exert energy in the group exercise workout that sets mixed martial arts moves to powerful music, BodyCombat, or jump into BodyStep for an intense cardio workout. Seniors appreciate our water exercise classes that are easy on your joints yet still provide a heart-pumping workout. Aerobic yoga is also good for older adults looking for senior fitness classes that improve strength and flexibility with low impact exercise.

Athletes join aerobic exercise classes to target specific areas of fitness to improve their performance in league sports and sporting events. Group exercise workouts like BodyFlow are perfect for athletes who want to improve core strength with poses and movements inspired by Pilates, yoga and tai chi. Low impact classes like water exercise classes improve cardiovascular fitness and strength, and are a good option when you want a less intense workout at the gym. Practice inner peace in aerobic yoga and use the controlled breathing techniques you learn in this class to prepare yourself mentally before your next game or event.