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Find a personal trainer at the Woodland Hills Gold's Gym in Tulsa, Oklahoma, if you are new to working out and need an individualized workout program. Our certified personal trainers meet with you to discuss your fitness goals and current level of health and design a workout program for you, taking into consideration your personal limitations and interests. Workouts with our fitness experts can include boot camp style calisthenics, core-strengthening Pilates exercises and more. Ask our male and female personal trainers about nutrition counseling if you also need a healthy eating plan because you can't train away a poor diet.

Get fit and find a personal trainer who specializes in functional fitness if you are an older adult who wants to improve mobility and strength. Functional training with a certified personal trainer includes doing exercises that mimic every day activities like bending down to pick something up or lifting a child out of a car seat. Our fitness experts create these exercises to work your major muscle groups and with these exercises everyday activities become easier. And our male and female personal trainers have helped many older gym members regain strength and agility, and can create a program specifically for you to regain energy and lead a more active life.

Train hard and find a personal trainer with experience in your sport when you want to enhance your sports performance. Our certified personal trainers have all passed the Gold's Gym Fitness Personal Training certification exam and use their knowledge and experience to create workout programs that challenge you.

  • Charlie King Charlie King - Personal Trainer
    Education: Bachelor of Science (Health and Kinesiology) Northeastern State University . . . more
    Associate Degree (Health, Physical Education, and Recreation) Carl Albert State College Certifications: National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer (NASM-CPT) NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist (PES) NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) National Council of Certified Personal Trainers (NCCPT) Nationally Registered EMT-Basic CPR, AED, first aid Training experience: Certified Personal Trainer since 2003 Clients of ages ranging 12-88 years Body composition changes weight management body fat loss weight/muscle gain Performance enhancement/sport specific agility/speed muscle/stregth building power high intensity training Functional training Military preparation Beauty Pageant prepartaion Corrective Exercise movement dysfunction/postural deviations physical therepy exercise shoulder/rotator cuff injuries, surgeries knee injuries, replacement, prior to/post surgery back/disc injuries, post surgery hip replacement post surgery Special Populations: expecting mothers diabetes heart disease fibromyalgia cystic fibrosis paraplegics arthritis . . . less
    Charlie King Charlie King - Personal Trainer Certified Fitness Coach, Physical Therapy Fitness Training, Local Personal Coach & Individual Training Certified fitness trainer Charlie King has a bachelor's degree in health and kinesiology in addition to his certifications with the National Association of Sports Medicine and the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers. Fitness trainers face a lot of body issues, and Charlie works with clients from age 12 to 88, helping with areas including body composition changes, performance enhancement, corrective exercise, military training preparation and even beauty pageant preparation. An experienced fitness coach, Charlie can also help with post-surgery rehab, expectant mother fitness and fitness while dealing with chronic illnesses. See More
  • Dylan James Dylan James - Personal Trainer
    I have been interested in Fitness/Athletics from an early age and now I get . . . more
    to live out my passion every day. I love working with individuals who are intrinsically motivated and realize that health and fitness are a major part of life. My main strengths as a trainer are overall body toning, weight loss, and athletic performance. I graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a BBA in Management and a Minor in Health and Exercise Science. I am certified in CPR/AED/First Aid, National Strength and Conditioning Association-CPT, National Council of Certified Personal Trainers-CPT, and Women’s Fitness Specialist. . . . less
    Dylan James Dylan James - Personal Trainer Women's Fitness Coaching, Local Fitness Coaching, Personal Fitness Coaching & Best Sports Training Personal training is a passion for Dylan James, who loves showing people the benefit of making health and fitness a major part of their lives. As a personal trainer, Dylan's strengths include overall body toning, weight loss and maintenance, and improved athletic performance. Dylan's personal fitness trainer credentials include certifications from the National Strength and Conditioning Association and the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers. See More
  • Cully Reinert Cully Reinert - Personal Trainer
    Education: B.S in Exercise Science Minor: Biology From Morningside College, Sioux City, Iowa Certifications: . . . more
    NASM-CPT, CES, NCCPT, CPR/AED Expertise: Certified Personal Trainer since 2001, Functional Fitness, Corrective Exercise, Weight Management, Nutrition, and Flexibility. “Do or Do Not, there is no try!” . . . less
    Cully Reinert Cully Reinert - Personal Trainer Personal Fitness Trainers, Sports Fitness Trainers, Experienced Personal Fitness Coach & Sports Trainer Educated personal trainers offer a deeper understanding of the body's mechanics, and Cully Reinert has a bachelor's degree in exercise science in addition to his certifications from the National Association of Sports Medicine and the National Council for Certified Personal Trainers. Cully's certified personal trainer specialties include functional fitness, corrective exercise, weight management, nutrition and flexibility. If you're checking out personal trainers near you, Cully has more than a decade of experience and he can help you reach your goals. See More
  • Bobby Raymond Bobby Raymond - Personal Trainer
    Exercise and fitness have been a part of my life from a young age. . . . more
    Playing soccer exposed me to performance training and inspired me to lift weights to get faster and stronger. Injuries in soccer helped me to learn functional anatomy and rehabilitation protocols. Exercise has also been the most effective way of treating my depression and creating a better functioning brain. I am thankful for all of the difficulties I have encountered through my life, because each one has helped me to become a better-rounded person. Ankle surgery, four fractured vertebrae, dislocated knees, and food allergies have forced me to train smarter and to become more educated with my own workouts. This knowledge has carried over to how I train my clients and created a philosophy that merges corrective exercise and integrative training with intense strength training and functional conditioning. I continually seek to figure out what are the limiting factors to a person’s optimal functioning through assessment and movement analysis and then use the latest that exercise science has developed to break through those plateaus. Whether you want to lose weight, build muscle, or move better, I can help you develop a plan to get you to your goals faster! My education includes a B.A. in Psychology. National certifications through National Academy of Sports Medicine (Certified Personal Trainer and Performance Enhancement Specialist) and NCCPT (CPT) and TRX and kettlebell certifications. . . . less
    Bobby Raymond Bobby Raymond - Personal Trainer Persona Fitness Coaching, Best Fitness Coaching, Personal Sports Training & Local Fitness Coaching An online personal trainer cannot give you the personal touch like Bobby Raymond, who studies his clients to discover their individual limiting factors and then uses the latest exercise science to get the fastest and most effective results. Bobby's personal trainer approach has been shaped as much by his own injuries and challenges as by his successes so he can show you how to overcome the struggles of a fitness program. With a fitness coach like Bobby, you will be amazed at what you can achieve. See More

Find a personal trainer at this family fitness center and maximize your gym time with intense one-on-one workouts.

Find a personal trainer at the Woodland Hills Gold's Gym in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and maximize your time at the gym with calorie-searing cardio workouts and strength training. Our certified personal trainers are available during our extended hours so that you can squeeze a one-on-one workout in before or after work or even late at night. Meet with a fitness expert to discuss your health and fitness goals, and jump into a personal fitness training program created specifically for you. With a male or female personal trainer at this health club, establish a habit of working out that fits into your busy lifestyle.

Commit to health and find a personal trainer to guide you on the path to health and fitness. Our certified personal trainers provide motivational support and keep you accountable so you can achieve the healthy lifestyle you desire. Workouts with a fitness expert can include high intensity cardio exercises and strength training to improve your level of fitness at a faster rate than you would accomplish working out on your own. With a male or female personal trainer at this local gym, smash your health and fitness goals.