Tulsa Woodland Hills Area Fitness Classes & Group Exercise Classes

Tulsa OK Woodland Hills Workout Classes, Fitness Programs & Yoga Classes

Train hard with high-energy group fitness classes at the Woodland Hills Gold's Gym in Tulsa, Oklahoma. With our kickboxing fitness exercise class, unleash energy with workouts that include athletic footwork and kicking combinations set to powerful music, and then build muscle in body sculpting classes. For a dance-inspired aerobic workout, get your groove on in BodyJam to the latest popular music. Then increase flexibility in yoga classes offered at all levels, and get centered with seated and standing poses.

Get fit with dynamic group fitness classes at this local gym, whether you are a gym newbie or a fitness fanatic. Our diverse exercise class schedule includes classes that ranging from Pilates exercise classes to cross training exercise classes that combine sports-inspired moves with strength training. Ride in aerobic workout classes in our indoor cycling studio for heart-pumping workouts on our stationary bicycles with routines that can be modified based on your level of fitness. With yoga classes ranging from gentle yoga to aerobic yoga, dive into the yoga class of your choice based on how much experience you have.

Gain flexibility in the group fitness class, BodyFlow, where we combine yoga poses with Pilates exercises for an intense core-strengthening workout. Then unleash energy in BodyPump where you squat, lift and press with barbells in a group class setting to gain overall body tone.

Train hard in group fitness classes such as BodyPump where you sculpt, tone and strengthen your body doing exercise with barbells.

Get fit in energizing group fitness classes at the Woodland Hills Gold's Gym in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and get off the couch and into the gym. Our diverse exercise class schedule gives you the options you need to make your gym routine interesting and motivating. Challenge yourself with aerobic workouts in our indoor cycling studio where our world-class fitness experts lead you through tough virtual terrain for an intense cardio workout. Improve core strength in yoga classes at this local gym, and find inner peace as you progress in class.

Lose weight with group fitness classes that combine intense calorie-burning cardio exercises with strength training for a total body workout. Jump into dance-inspired exercise classes such as Zumba and experience calorie burns close to 600 calories per hour while dancing to hot Latin beats. Or, jump into the aerobic workout class, BodyPump, where you squat, lift, and press to powerful music using barbells to tone your whole body. Then dive into yoga classes and learn stress management techniques by practicing ancient poses and breathing techniques.