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When searching for Fairfax Station gyms, you expect to find fully equipped facilities with state-of-the-art amenities and equipment to help you shed those extra pounds or help with muscle building. But at Gold's Gym Fairfax Station VA, we know that it takes more than equipment to keep you motivated and excited about fitness. That's why this health club offers a wide range of fitness classes like BODYCOMBAT and BODYATTACK, designed to blast fat and challenge your body with a combination of strengthening and cardio moves. And because Gold's Gym class schedules are designed to fit your busy lifestyle, you'll find the right exercises for you and your goals at this local fitness gym.

Get energized at this Fairfax Station gym location with Pilates classes designed to help you sculpt lean muscle and revitalize your mind and body. Also relax at our Gold's Gym Fairfax Station VA with our yoga classes held in comfortable temperature-controlled exercise studios with specially designed floors for superior comfort. Visit this health club's full smoothie bar for a nutritious post-workout snack. We've scheduled our Gold's Gym class schedules to fit in with your active lifestyle, so you won't have to rush to the gym to get a great workout.

When picking a Fairfax Station gym, look for flexible hours to fit your busy schedule and health club amenities that will keep you active and engaged. Gold's Gym Fairfax Station VA is designed to do just that with our fully equipped cardio and weight room with state-of-the-art resistance machines and cardio equipment designed to help you get the most out of your workout.

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5620-A Ox Road, Fairfax Station, VA 22039


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5620-A Ox Road
Fairfax Station
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Gold's Fairfax Station gym is more than a health club; it's a facility staffed by skilled trainers who want to help you achieve lasting health and fitness goals. Trainers at Gold's Gym Fairfax Station VA bring a wealth of experience about dieting and nutrition and can help you design a customized and manageable workout and diet routine.
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  • HoursGym Hours

    Mon - Thu : 5am - 11pm

    Fri : 5am - 10pm

    Sat : 7am - 8pm

    Sun : 8am - 8pm

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  • Kids ClubGym Kids Club

    Mon - Thu : 8:30am - 1:15pm & 4:30pm - 8:30pm

    Fri : 8:30am - 1:15pm & 4:30pm - 7:30pm

    Sat - Sun : 8:30am - 1:15pm

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  • Fitness Classes Fairfax Station Fitness Classes Fairfax Station Exercise Classes Fairfax Station, Zumba Classes, Yoga Classes & Group Fitness Classes
    Fairfax Station-Classes Fairfax Station Fitness Classes Fitness Classes Fairfax Station Gyms, Zumba Classes, Cycling Classes & Fairfax Station Group Exercise Classes Choose Pilates classes for workout classes that improve posture and grace while enhancing muscular symmetry for a sleek silhouette. Unleash yourself in kickboxing aerobic exercise classes built on a variety of martial arts movements. See more
  • Personal Trainers Fairfax Station Personal Trainers Fairfax Station Certified Personal Trainers, Fairfax Station Personal Trainers & Certified Fitness Trainers
    Fairfax Station-Personal Training Fairfax Station Personal Trainers Fairfax Station Personal Trainers, Certified Personal Trainers & Fitness Trainers in Fairfax Station Gyms Partner with a fitness trainer when you want to commit to an exercise plan and leave your excuses at the door, and the Fairfax Station Gold's Gym staffs experienced male and female personal trainers. A certified personal trainer will develop a fitness program that unleashes your potential. See more
  • Gym Memberships Fairfax Station Gym Memberships Fairfax Station Gym Memberships Fairfax Station, Fitness Gym Memberships & Free Passes Fairfax Station Gyms
    Fairfax Station-Get Started Fairfax Station Gym Memberships Fairfax Station Gym Memberships, Free Passes Fairfax Station Gyms & Fitness Centers Fairfax Station Obtain a FREE VIP health club pass to the Gold's Fairfax Station fitness center near you and learn Pilates or yoga, or try a martial arts-inspired cardio class. Join BodyPump at this local gym for a muscle building class that's perfect for all fitness levels. See more
  • Gym Amenities Fairfax Station Gym Amenities Fairfax Station Resistance Machines, Cycling Studio, Group Fitness Classes & Nutrition Counseling
    Fairfax Station-Amenities Fairfax Station Gym Amenities Kids Club, Pilates Studio, Fairfax Yoga Studio, Basketball Court & Free Weights Discover high-tech cardio equipment at the Fairfax Station Gold's Gym, and other world-class amenities include our Cardio Cinema, Kid's Club and yoga and Pilates studio. Head to our basketball court to hone your NBA skills or challenge a friend to a game of one-on-one. See more
  • Fitness Programs Fairfax Station Fitness Programs Fairfax Station Exercise Programs, Fitness Programs & Fairfax Station Gym Programs
    Fairfax Station-Our Programs Fairfax Station Fitness Programs Exercise Programs Fairfax Station, Fitness Programs & Fairfax Station Gym Programs Find Silver Sneakers classes at the Fairfax Station Gold's Gym along with gym programs that get you out of the gym, such as the Tour de Cure cycling events, which are bike rides that raise money to fight diabetes. Hit your workout program and sign up for the Gold's Nation member loyalty plan. See more
  • Fairfax Station-Corporate Wellness Fairfax Station-Corporate Wellness

Choose this Gold's Fairfax Station gym if you're ready to invest in your health and nutritional wellness to create a lifetime of healthy living.

Get motivated at Gold's Fairfax Station gym with our fitness gym’s experienced and renowned personal trainers who deliver the highest-quality instruction and motivation to help you meet and surpass your fitness goals. Gold's Gym Fairfax Station VA is more than just another fitness center near you – we're invested in helping you transform your health and fitness ambitions to achieve goals that fit your lifestyle, budget and schedule. But at this health club, we also know fitness should be fun and creative, which is why we offer a range of classes like spinning taught in our cycling studio and yoga in our specially designed studio to calorie-scorching BODYATTACK and BodyFlow. On our Gold's Gym class schedules, these and other classes are designed to fit your schedule day and night.

Burn calories in Gold's Fairfax Station gym’s swimming pool by doing laps or practicing your butterfly stroke. The Gold's Gym Fairfax Station VA location also has an indoor basketball court, so you can challenge your friends to a vigorous game of hoops and then take a quick dip for a fun and active afternoon of fitness. This health club is more than your typical fitness center near you because it has state-of-the-art facilities and a staff of trained fitness professionals and talented instructors who want to help you reach your goals and have fun at the same time. Choose from flexible Gold's Gym class schedules and find the perfect balance of fun, fitness and flexibility to keep you engaged, and keep you coming back.