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Physical Trainers & Fitness Instructors Fairfax Station

Find world-class fitness trainers at the Fairfax Station Gold's Gym who are passionate about fitness, nutrition and keeping active. A Gold's Gym certified personal trainer will give you the tools and techniques you need to surpass your fitness goals, whether you're aiming to drop a few dress or pants sizes, build more lean muscle or increase your flexibility, coordination and balance. With a Gold's Gym female personal trainer or male personal trainer, you'll incorporate exercise into your daily life, and become the strongest, fittest version of yourself. Team up with a fitness coach to boost your stamina for an endurance sport, or partner with a local personal trainer for hard-driving bootcamp-style workouts.

Recovering from an injury? Fitness trainers can design customized post-rehab exercise routines that get you back in the game, back on the slopes or back home chasing after the kids faster than ever. Every Gold's Gym certified personal trainer is also an expert nutritional counselor who can offer healthy dieting tips and sound meal and snacking ideas. Some women prefer a female personal trainer, and we staff several experienced and enthusiastic female fitness trainers at the Fairfax Station Gold's Gym. Our topflight fitness coaches can help you train for a specific sports league and improve functional fitness, and our certified fitness instructors strive to make workouts challenging but engaging.

Every Gold's Gym fitness trainer must pass the rigorous Gold's Fitness Personal Trainer Certification exam. Our certified personal trainers have earned additional accreditation from other top health and fitness organizations.

Let a Gold's Gym fitness trainer show you how to lose weight effectively, train for a mud run and increase functional fitness.

Ask a fitness trainer at the Fairfax Station Gold's Gym for the latest workout tips and exercise techniques, and our top-tier local personal trainers can also provide sound nutritional counseling. Choose a certified personal trainer who focuses on strength training if you're aiming to carve bigger, chiseled muscles, or if you want to sculpt long, toned, leaner muscles. Find a female personal trainer or male personal trainer with expertise in endurance training when you want to make the jump from casual jogger to full-fledged marathoner. Our enthusiastic fitness coaches don't just sit on the sidelines, and you'll find our personal trainers taking part in activities ranging from basketball and snowboarding to rock climbing and power lifting.

Gold's Gym fitness trainers will make you confident in the gym, and in your ability to physically improve yourself. A certified personal trainer from the Fairfax Station Gold's Gym demands the best of you, and because we demand the best from our certified fitness instructors, these fitness pros must pass the strict Gold's Fitness Personal Trainer Certification course and exam. Our female personal trainers and male personal trainers have garnered additional certifications from respected industry institutions such as the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the American Council on Exercise and the American College of Sports Medicine. The mission of every fitness coach is to improve the quality of life of others through the promotion of health and fitness.