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Find world-class fitness trainers at the Fairfax Station Gold's Gym who are passionate about fitness, nutrition and keeping active. A Gold's Gym certified personal trainer will give you the tools and techniques you need to surpass your fitness goals, whether you're aiming to drop a few dress or pants sizes, build more lean muscle or increase your flexibility, coordination and balance. With a Gold's Gym female personal trainer or male personal trainer, you'll incorporate exercise into your daily life, and become the strongest, fittest version of yourself. Team up with a fitness coach to boost your stamina for an endurance sport, or partner with a local personal trainer for hard-driving bootcamp-style workouts.

Recovering from an injury? Fitness trainers can design customized post-rehab exercise routines that get you back in the game, back on the slopes or back home chasing after the kids faster than ever. Every Gold's Gym certified personal trainer is also an expert nutritional counselor who can offer healthy dieting tips and sound meal and snacking ideas. Some women prefer a female personal trainer, and we staff several experienced and enthusiastic female fitness trainers at the Fairfax Station Gold's Gym. Our topflight fitness coaches can help you train for a specific sports league and improve functional fitness, and our certified fitness instructors strive to make workouts challenging but engaging.

Every Gold's Gym fitness trainer must pass the rigorous Gold's Fitness Personal Trainer Certification exam. Our certified personal trainers have earned additional accreditation from other top health and fitness organizations.

  • David Salinas David Salinas - Personal Trainer
    As a personal trainer, I am dedicated to helping people reach their fitness goals . . . more
    in a safe and effective manner by educating them on the benefits of resistance training, cardiovascular training, flexibility, and establishing guidelines for proper nutrition habits. I have trained a variety of people with various goals and different conditions and have had many successes. Because of my dedication to overall fitness, I am currently pursuing advanced certificates to further assist my clients. Another passion of mine is not only teaching clients about fitness, but further educating other personal trainers on training techniques used by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. NASM Certified Personal Trainer NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist NSPA Certified Personal Trainer CPR/AED Certified Personal Trainer Sports Safety/First Aid Certified . . . less
    David Salinas David Salinas - Personal Trainer Personal Fitness Coach, Resistance Training Coach, Best Personal Fitness Coach & Trainers Near You A personal trainer for other personal trainers, David Salinas takes pride in sharing improved training techniques used by the National Academy of Sports Medicine that he has learned about from his studies for advanced certificates. David's personal training specialties include resistance training, cardiovascular training, flexibility and establishing proper nutrition. As a fitness coach, David has helped a variety of people at different levels of fitness find success. See More
  • Cort Best Cort Best - Personal Trainer
    B.S. in Exercise Science from Old Dominion University . . . more
    CPR certified The reason I became a personal trainer was to inspire people to indulge in the benefits of healthy living through exercise. I have played all the major sports but focused the most on football, which I played for 8 years. Along with sports I competed in power lifting competitions and my athletic past has influenced my training style. Fitness has been a big part of my life since I was young. Although I had been active I struggled with my weight in high school but chose to make a change. I successfully lost 50 pounds by the end of my senior year through exercise and healthy dieting. Throughout my life experiences and academic education, I have developed all the tools to help others achieve their weight loss goals. If you are looking to get stronger, tone up, enhance your functional abilities or just look to be in overall better shape, I can help you. I will make sure that your program is tailored to your desires and will get you to your goals Lastly, I expect to give my clients my expertise and motivation so that they may achieve their goals and develop an ability to sustain a healthy lifestyle for years to come. When I am not working I like to hike, rock climb, wake board, and snowboard/ski. Overall, I really enjoy the outdoors. . . . less
    Cort Best Cort Best - Personal Trainer Personal Fitness Training Near You, Best Fitness Coach, Personal Fitness Training & Sports Conditioning As a personal fitness trainer with a bachelor's degree in exercise science, Cort Best has studied the most effective ways to tailor a workout program to the goals of a client. Unlike some personal trainers near you, Cort also will teach you how to develop your own workout program so that you can be instrumental in maintaining your own healthy lifestyle for years to come. Cort is a fitness coach who will stand by your side and motivate you to succeed. See More
  • Greg Drew Greg Drew - Personal Trainer
    Have been a certified Personal Trainer for over 10 years Certified in CPR Weight loss, strength . . . more
    training, stretching, HIIT, rehab, functional training Listening is a big part of being a trainer. Greg wants to help people find balance and happiness through living a healthy lifestyle. Change your mind and bad habits…and you on the start to a healthier life. . . . less
    Greg Drew Greg Drew - Personal Trainer Experienced Fitness Coach, Best Personal Trainers, Local Fitness Coaching & Sports Fitness Training A personal trainer for more than 10 years, Greg Drew has the experience to connect people with the right workout programs to achieve their goals. Greg is a fitness coach who is certified in weight loss, strength training, stretching, HIIT, rehab and functional training. More importantly, fitness trainers have to listen to their clients, and Greg will tailor workout programs to the feedback he gets from you and an understanding of your progress. See More
  • Alex Lebonitte Alex Lebonitte - Personal Trainer
    B.S. Exercise Science, George Mason University NSCA . . . more
    Certified Personal Trainer NPTI Certified Personal Trainer CPR/AED/First Aid Certified My goal is to help my clients achieve the highest level of fitness and function possible through exercise and nutrition. My philosophy is, practice what you preach, so I will never ask my clients to do anything I have not done myself. I dont believe in the latest fads and I dont throw workouts together haphazardly, rather I design my programs from research-based techniques and my clients goals. Ive been training for five years and have been a Fairfax County resident my entire life. In my free time, I enjoy the outdoors by running or playing Frisbee with my dog, biking, and snowboarding in the winter. . . . less
    Alex Lebonitte Alex Lebonitte - Personal Trainer Personal Fitness Coach, Sports Training Near You, Best Fitness Trainers & Sports Training Coach Personal trainers who don't practice what they preach aren't much good in Alex Lebonitte's mind so he will never ask you to do anything he isn't willing to do himself. Alex is a certified personal trainer as well as having a bachelor's degree in exercise science, giving him a deep well of knowledge to help his clients. As a fitness trainer, Alex designs workout programs based on research and input from his clients' abilities and goals. See More
  • Dan Graziano Dan Graziano - Personal Trainer
    I have been a personal trainer and certified sports nutritionist for seven years. During . . . more
    my time as a fitness professional I have earned a NASM certification as well as CrossFit certification. Endless hours have been spent being mentored by some of the industry’s top fitness professionals, learning and becoming proficient in coaching kettlebells, rotational bodyweight training, suspension training and dynamic variable resistance training. Whether you are in youth or adult athletics, looking to sculpt, lose body fat or just look and feel better and live a better quality of life, I will help you get the results you desire. Be prepared to work hard, but in a safe and effective manner, through proper exercise prescription and nutrition. Outside of the gym, I enjoy cooking, listening and playing music and football season . . . less
    Dan Graziano Dan Graziano - Personal Trainer Sports Nutrition Counseling, Certified Personal Trainer, Personal Training Coach & Local Fitness Trainer Personal trainer Dan Graziano is certified through the National Association of Sports Medicine as well as being CrossFit certified and, more importantly to Dan, he has been mentored by some of the industry's top fitness professionals. As a fitness coach, he is proficient in coaching kettlebells, rotational bodyweight training, suspension training and dynamic variable resistance training. Personal training with Dan will help you lose body fat, build muscle and sculpt the body you want to have. See More
  • Connor Riley Connor Riley - Personal Trainer
    Connor is certified through the National Personal Training Institute as a personal trainer as . . . more
    well as a certified nutritional consultant. Having worked with a personal trainer throughout high school, he learned the importance of living a healthy lifestyle. Connor now takes pride in his knowledge of fitness and carries it over to all of his clients. Some of his specialties include: Fat Loss, Strength Training, Sports Endurance and Conditioning, and Flexibility. He is willing and able to work with any person and with any goal and is confident he will bring out their full fitness potential. . . . less
    Connor Riley Connor Riley - Personal Trainer Healthy Eating Coach, Local Fitness Trainer, Sports Conditioning Coach & Fitness Trainer Near You Offering local nutritional counseling and exercise guidance, Connor Riley can help you live a healthier lifestyle that will improve your quality of life. As a personal fitness trainer, Connor's specialties include fat loss, strength training, sports endurance, conditioning and flexibility, and he can work with people of any fitness ability and help them along. Fitness trainers helped Connor find a better way, and now he wants to help you. See More
  • Rachel O'Neill Rachel O'Neill - Personal Trainer
    Certifications ACE Certified Personal Trainer AFAA Certified Group . . . more
    Exercise Instructor CPR/AED Certified Les Mills Instructor Certifications in BodyPump, BodyFlow, BodyJam and BodyStep Zumba Instructor Rachel O’Neill has worked in the fitness industry since 2005. She grew up in Virginia, dabbled in many sports, but ultimately spent most of her time at the dance studio. Joining the senior company at age 12, Rachel danced in countless performances with the Fredericksburg Ballet Company. As part of her extracurricular activities in high school, she was a cheerleader and was named NCA All-American her junior year, cheering in the Aloha Bowl. While at the University of Virginia, Rachel continued her dancing in the Dance Club, serving as President and choreographer her last year. She got married right after graduation and discovered a new passion in Human Resources, later earning her graduate certificate at Marymount. When she started her family, the decision to stay home was made, and she resumed her dance training and became a ballet and jazz instructor at the Russell School of Ballet. In 2004, she was introduced to BodyPump at Gold’s Gym and immediately went to training and started teaching group exercise. She currently teaches four different formats and is the newest Personal Trainer at Fairfax Station. “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it.” “I believe that EVERYONE deserves to have a positive self-image, a healthy body and a happy life. My goal is to provide you with high-energy, effective and fun workouts that make you feel good about yourself and what you’ve accomplished on any given day. I will do my best to inspire, motivate and encourage you to reach your goals.” . . . less
    Rachel O'Neill Rachel O'Neill - Personal Trainer Dance Fitness Coach, Female Fitness Instructor, Local Personal training Coach & Fitness Trainers Near You Rachel O'Neill's fitness trainer instructor certifications include BodyPump, BodyFlow, BodyJam, BodyStep and Zumba. Rachel's career as a female personal trainer is closely tied to her interest in dance and as a dance instructor, giving her insights into how good fitness is tied to overall functional quality of life. Other personal trainers near you can't give you the same effective and fun workouts that Rachel will offer. See More
  • Cristina Brown Cristina Brown - Personal Trainer
    I was born in Boston, MA and grew up in Northern Virginia. Throughout my . . . more
    childhood I was an athlete. I have played soccer my whole life and have also done gymnastics, swim and dive and cheerleading. A competitive person, I never sell myself short of what I know I am capable of and I expect the same of my clients. I have always had a passion for helping others. I enjoy encouraging people to reach their goals and pushing them to their limits. I am a “no excuses” kind of person that does not believe in giving up. I consider my training style to be sport specific conditioning work with a slight twist of a bodybuilding style as well. I place a strong emphasis in body composition and the methods I bring the table are helpful in a sense of creating confidence in my clients. You will always walk away from our workouts smiling…and of course sweating. Goals are extremely important to me and reaching them is just a simple process. I will help you set obtainable goals and the success in reaching that goal will be a fulfilling and life changing experience. “I have found you learn more quickly under the guidance of experienced teachers. You waste a lot of time going down blind alleys if you have no one to lead you.” . . . less
    Cristina Brown Cristina Brown - Personal Trainer Personal Fitness Training, Sports Conditioning Instructor, Best Female Fitness Coach & Local Trainer The philosophy of female personal trainer Christina Brown combines sports specific conditioning with a bit of bodybuilding because of the importance of body composition for overall functionality. Personal training with Christina is hard work, but you will always walk away smiling because her enthusiasm is contagious. As your fitness coach, Christina will make your goals hers and show you the fastest and most effective way to reach them. See More
  • Antonio Seda Antonio Seda - Personal Trainer
    Certifications: NASM AED/CPR NCCPT (Smart . . . more
    Fitness) Specialties: Weight Loss Corrective Exercise Body Building Sports Specific Training Functional Fitness Injury Prevention Post Rehab Bodyweight Training My fitness journey began at an early age. Being raised by a family who lived an active lifestyle, I by no choice adapted that same lifestyle. I played sports, climbed trees, rode bikes, and did all the typical activities a child growing up in North Carolina would do. It was not until I went off to collage that the activity in my lifestyle would begin to decline. I found myself struggling to maintain energy and losing focus on simple task. It would not be until years later that I recognized the decline in energy I was experiencing was due to a lack of exercise. I regained that since of activity through my military career in the Army where I lost a substantial amount of weight, through no control of my own, and peaked physically because of it. It was then I realized that I needed help pushing myself to reach higher limits in fitness and in life. That realization sent me on an educational journey to fully understand my body, how it works, and how I can manipulate my body to do mostly anything I willed it to do…through exercise. Once I gained the knowledge and foundation of fitness I knew it was my passion to pass it on to others. I then began to pursue my career as a Fitness Professional. I have found that my strength is in my determination to reach and exceed expectation. My goal in fitness is to help others reach and maintain their optimal levels of wellness by educating them in the areas of balance training, core training, resistance training, and cardiovascular training. Help me to help you reach your wellness and fitness goals…starting today. . . . less
    Antonio Seda Antonio Seda - Personal Trainer Military Fitness Trainer, Local Sports Trainer, Best Fitness Coaches & Personal Sports Trainers Antonio Seda's journey to personal fitness trainer started with his realization while in the Army that there is a direct correlation between his activity level and the energy he felt. As a fitness coach, Antonia has striven to understand the mechanics of his body and how it responds to exercise and then to pass that knowledge on to his clients and show them how they can do more. Antonia is a certified fitness trainer with the National Association of Sports Medicine and National Council for Certified Personal Trainers. See More
  • Vicki Clewell Vicki Clewell - Personal Trainer
    Certifications: AFAA Group Fitness Certificate (2008) ACE Personal . . . more
    Trainer (2013) CPR Les Mills Certified Instructor: Body Pump, Body Combat, RPM, and CXWorx Education: BA Communications (Hofstra University, 2001) MA Corporate Communications (Monmouth University, 2003) For as long as I can remember, I have been active, either playing sports, dancing, participating in group exercise classes, and just enjoying life. I developed a real passion for fitness when I took my first Body Pump class in 2001. I took this love of fitness and became a Les Mills Certified Instructor and personal trainer. My goal as a personal trainer is to motivate, inspire, and educate others about the benefits of exercising and living a healthy lifestyle. Health and fitness is more than just your appearance; exercising makes us feel better and live healthier. With patience and persistence, anyone can achieve realistic goals, including high self-esteem, confidence, and the body you desire. I strive to create a personal relationship with all my clients. I’m here to provide encouragement, confidence, motivation, and strength to help you reach your fitness goals! Philosophy: Strive for progress, not perfection. . . . less
    Vicki Clewell Vicki Clewell - Personal Trainer Female Fitness Coach, Les Mills Training, Local Fitness Instructor & Best Personal Fitness Coaching If you think a female personal trainer is going to let you off easy, you haven't met Vicki Clewell, a Les Mills certified instructor in BodyPump, BodyCombat, RPM and CXWorx. Vicki's goal as a fitness coach is to motivate, inspire and educate her clients about the benefits of exercise and living a healthy lifestyle. As a personal fitness trainer, Vicki has seen how improved fitness can increase self-esteem, confidence and overall energy. See More
  • Josh Woody Josh Woody - Personal Trainer
    Fitness has always been a part of my life due to playing a variety . . . more
    of sports. I graduated from Bridgewater College in May of 2013, with a bachelor’s degree in Health and Exercise Science. I did 3 internships and 1 practicum with Bridgewater College and their strength and conditioning department. I have designed and used programs for many different sports. I work with a variety of clients on a day to day basis, ranging from a stay at home parent to a highly competitive athlete. With the educational and hands on experiences I obtained from Bridgewater College and my day to day work experience I am able to assist any type of client with a goal. I will do everything I am capable of to help my clients reach their goals and motivate and push them towards their goals. . . . less
    Josh Woody Josh Woody - Personal Trainer Personal Fitness Coaching, Best Sports Trainer, Local Fitness Coaches & Personal Trainers Near You Fitness trainers have to be flexible, and Josh Woody has worked with clients who range from stay-at-home parents to serious athletes looking for a competitive edge. An online personal trainer can't offer the motivation and support when the workout gets tough that you get when you are working with Josh. Personal training is Josh's passion, and he will do everything in his power to help you reach your fitness goals. See More
  • Allison Jones Allison Jones - Personal Trainer
    I was born and raised in the Northern Virginia area, starting from a young . . . more
    age I took an interest in sports and overall fitness. I was a 5 sport athlete in high school which led to a full-ride D1 volleyball scholarship. After completing my undergraduate degree I was recruited to play professional volleyball as well as obtain my masters in England. Through my extensive athletic experience I believe with the use of motivation, dedication, and the proper exercise routine, every individual has the ability to achieve their ideal physique. Also, I believe that training should be an enjoyable experience for me and my clients. One of my emphasis points while training is to concentrate on daily nutrition. Nutrition is equally as important as the workout because if one does not put the right nutrients into the body then the body will not be able to produce the desired results. Fitness and Health is a lifelong commitment and my main focus is to help my clients live a healthy and happy life by providing them with necessary knowledge, proper techniques, and healthy habits to do so. “Slow down. Calm down. Don’t worry. Don’t hurry. Trust the process.” -Alexandra Stoddard . . . less
    Allison Jones Allison Jones - Personal Trainer Help With Nutrition, Female Fitness Coach, Women's Sports Training & Best Local Fitness Trainer Female personal trainer Allison Jones believes that every individual has the ability to achieve their ideal physique, but she also believes that training should be an enjoyable experience. Local nutrition counseling is a major emphasis with Allison because if you don't put the right fuel in you won't be able to achieve the desired results. As a personal fitness trainer, Allison's main focus is to help her clients live healthy and happy lives. See More
  • Steph Bickley Steph Bickley - Personal Trainer
    I am a Northern Virginia native; I grew up in Fairfax and graduated from . . . more
    Robinson High School. I then attended Virginia Tech where I studied Journalism, and I later completed my Master’s Degree in Education: Curriculum and Instruction. Teaching and coaching have always been passions of mine, and while I have taught Middle School and High School English for seven years and coached soccer and track, I have recently pursued a supplemental livelihood in personal training. After experiencing my own personal feats with weight loss as an adult, I have been inspired to share my experience with others in hopes of encouraging and motivating those that have the desire to change their lifestyle and lead a healthier life. I have had firsthand experience with the obstacles of this process; therefore, I can directly relate with my clients and share knowledge needed to make positive changes in one’s life. When it comes to personal training, I am not only my clients’ coach, but their biggest supporter! Specialties The areas of fitness that suit my experience include TRX training, functional fitness, and circuit training. . . . less
    Steph Bickley Steph Bickley - Personal Trainer Personal Training Coach, Local Fitness Trainer, Best Female Fitness Coach & Local Sports Trainer Female fitness trainer Steph Bickley has dealt with her own struggles with weight, and those experiences have inspired her to help others live a healthier life. When it comes to personal training, Steph is not just a coach; she is also a cheerleader and a support system to help her clients find strength they didn't know they had. Fitness trainers forge a bond with their clients, and Steph wants to see you make positive changes. See More
  • J Rice J Rice - Personal Trainer
    I grew up a typical boy: playing in the dirt, chasing girls, and, yes, . . . more
    breaking just about every window, decoration, _ insert expensive item here_ in my house with a wide variety of athletic equipment, much to my poor mother’s dismay. In high school, I lettered for the varsity football, soccer, and lacrosse teams during my four years. I also played basketball for a recreational league during the offseasons. My love for athletics led to the opportunity to take my game to the collegiate level. I attended the Virginia Military Institute, where I played lacrosse and studied finance. It was here that I developed my passion for the fitness world. I enjoyed my time playing lacrosse, but the actual sport came second to the strength and conditioning programs that were implemented with it. I was amazed by the incredible transformation my body, mind, and overall athletic ability experienced due to the well- developed S&C Program administered to our team. I took great pride in my fitness, and it led to the opportunity to train a few of my friends in my sparse free time at VMI. I had learned a lot after four years of college athletics, and having the opportunity to pass on this knowledge was an experience I could not get enough of. Now I get to do it every day! . . . less
    J Rice J Rice - Personal Trainer Professional Fitness Coach, Local Conditioning Coach, Best Personal Fitness Coach & Sports Trainer J Rice became a fitness coach because he has a passion for the fitness world, the strength and conditioning and the transformation it made in his body. Online personal training is a cold thing compared with the enthusiasm, support and motivation you get working with J. As a personal trainer, J takes great pride in his fitness, and he loves passing on his knowledge and seeing the difference it can make in people's lives. See More
  • Karen Dillon Karen Dillon - Personal Trainer
    I am a wife of twenty years and a mom to three teenagers. Although . . . more
    I have come to a career in fitness later in life, I have always been involved in some type of exercise whether it be biking, walking, running, kickboxing, or strength training. Changing careers from education has given me a better perspective of the importance of health and fitness. We can often let all of our obligations to work, friends, and family lead to neglecting our obligation to our self. Exercise is the key to more energy, better sleep, less anxiety, stronger bones, the list goes on and on. Our health is about how you feel. It’s not always about a number on a scale or a certain dress size. Small changes can equal big results. Taking charge of your health can mean hard work, but it’s empowering and rewarding. I am excited to help members on their fitness journey. In my spare time, I enjoy cheering on my sons at their Robinson lacrosse games, cooking, reading and yoga. “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”-Fred Devito Specialties ACE Certified Trainer, American Heart CPR/AE . . . less
    Karen Dillon Karen Dillon - Personal Trainer Female Fitness Trainer, Personal Fitness Coach, Weight Loss Coach & Local Personal Trainers Near You A nontraditional personal trainer, Karen Dillon came to the industry in her middle years, but she has always been involved in exercise, from biking to kickboxing. For Karen, personal training is the key to more energy, better sleep, less anxiety, stronger bones and all-around better health. As a female personal trainer, Karen does not measure success in dress sizes or numbers on a scale but on making small changes that can add up to big results. See More
  • Joley Sullivan Joley Sullivan - Personal Trainer
    Fitness changed my life and I want to show you how it can change . . . more
    yours. All my life I was the nerdy one who was picked last in gym class. As a female, I felt like I should be out running and not lift more than a 5-lb pink dumbbell, because that is the image portrayed to us. So that’s what I did and I didn’t like it nor did I see results. I finally got the nerve to get with a personal trainer when I joined Gold’s Gym. The day she put a barbell in my hands and showed me what to do with it I felt empowered. I remember telling her, “What?! I can’t lift that!” but then I did. I harness that feeling whenever I feel I can’t do something, whether it’s here in the gym or any obstacle life throws my way. That knowledge that I can make change happen is what I have learned through fitness and it is the most important thing that I want to teach my clients. Exercise is my happy place, my sanity, and my passion and I will show you how it can be for you too. I have a strong interest in weight lifting and movement systems and want to get my clients stronger and moving better. Weakness is the biggest dysfunction! Be prepared to work hard, dump the cardio queen (or king) stigma, and most of all have fun while encountering your true potential. When not in the gym I like to spend my time outdoors, with friends, or doing anything motorsport related, especially drag racing. I also work as a veterinary technician in emergency and critical care. “Once the mind and body have been awakened to their true potential, it’s impossible to turn back.” – Henry Rollins . . . less
    Joley Sullivan Joley Sullivan - Personal Trainer Weight Lifting Training, Female Fitness Coach, Best Personal Training Coach & Local Fitness Trainer A female personal trainer put weights in the hands of Joley Sullivan and showed her that fitness training for women can be a whole lot more empowering than just aerobics and jogging. That fitness trainer gave strength and confidence to Joley, and now she wants to share that with you while helping you get stronger and healthier. The best personal trainers understand your struggles, and Joley has been there but now she knows her true potential and she wants to show you yours. See More

Let a Gold's Gym fitness trainer show you how to lose weight effectively, train for a mud run and increase functional fitness.

Ask a fitness trainer at the Fairfax Station Gold's Gym for the latest workout tips and exercise techniques, and our top-tier local personal trainers can also provide sound nutritional counseling. Choose a certified personal trainer who focuses on strength training if you're aiming to carve bigger, chiseled muscles, or if you want to sculpt long, toned, leaner muscles. Find a female personal trainer or male personal trainer with expertise in endurance training when you want to make the jump from casual jogger to full-fledged marathoner. Our enthusiastic fitness coaches don't just sit on the sidelines, and you'll find our personal trainers taking part in activities ranging from basketball and snowboarding to rock climbing and power lifting.

Gold's Gym fitness trainers will make you confident in the gym, and in your ability to physically improve yourself. A certified personal trainer from the Fairfax Station Gold's Gym demands the best of you, and because we demand the best from our certified fitness instructors, these fitness pros must pass the strict Gold's Fitness Personal Trainer Certification course and exam. Our female personal trainers and male personal trainers have garnered additional certifications from respected industry institutions such as the National Academy of Sports Medicine, the American Council on Exercise and the American College of Sports Medicine. The mission of every fitness coach is to improve the quality of life of others through the promotion of health and fitness.