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Silver Sneakers classes at the Fairfax Station Gold's Gym combine fun and fitness for workouts that leave participants feeling liberated and energized. In the Silver Sneakers workout program, flexibility and coordination exercise routines boost functional fitness so daily activities flow smoother and more efficiently. The Silver Sneakers gym program includes low-impact cardio senior fitness exercises built on simple choreography, and the award-winning Silver Sneakers senior fitness plan also offers toning and sculpting workouts that increase upper body and lower body strength. Our yoga exercises for seniors workouts are set to uplifting music, and these invigorating stretching sessions help with stress management and improve mental clarity.

With Silver Sneakers classes, older adults get fit the way they want and when they want, and at the Fairfax Station Gold's Gym, we program Silver Sneakers group workouts throughout the weekly class schedules. Tackle your workout program and start racking up points in the Gold's Nation affiliate program, our member loyalty plan where Gold's fans finish "orders" like Liking the Fairfax Station Gold's Gym on Facebook. Tasks in this gym program can also include posting the date you joined Gold's Gym to your Facebook Timeline, and with each completed task, you'll earn reward points that can be exchanged for nifty Gold's Gym merchandise. Take a break during yoga exercises for seniors and complete a few social media tasks to add to your points account.

Make friends in Silver Sneakers classes at the Fairfax Station Gold's Gym while revitalizing your body. A complete workout program, the Silver Sneakers plan boosts strength, stamina and flexibility.

Work out in Silver Sneakers exercises and sign up for the Gold's Nation rewards program and start earning points for spreading the good word about Gold's Gym.

Find Silver Sneakers senior fitness exercise classes at the Fairfax Station Gold's Gym if you're an older adult searching for workouts designed specifically for senior exercisers. A comprehensive workout program, the Silver Sneaker exercise schedule includes strength training sessions, aerobic fitness workouts and classes that improve coordination, agility, balance and range of movement. Seniors appreciate this gym program not only for its spirited group workouts, but the Silver Sneakers fitness program is a great place for seniors to connect and make new, lifelong friends. Through yoga exercises for seniors and other exercise routines, seniors gain control of their health and fitness and increase their independence.

We offer the Silver Sneakers exercise plan because Gold's Gym believes in healthy living for everyone, and that means being fit and active for life, no matter what age. Consider the workout program, the Gold's Gym Challenge, for a body transformation contest that will push you to reach your fitness goals in 12 weeks. In this exclusive Gold's Gym program, you'll find out just how hard you can train and likely surprise yourself with the astounding results, and Gold's offers thousands of dollars in prizes to the participants who made the most striking physical changes. Take yoga exercises for seniors or other stretching workouts as you sweat to win the Gold's Gym Challenge, and stay motivated by tapping into the online Challenger Resources webinars and workout videos.