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Local Yoga Flow Classes, Gym Exercise Classes & Cardio Training Classes

Have fun in workout classes at the Fairfax Station Gold's Gym while blasting calories, building muscle and boosting flexibility. Send metabolism soaring in aerobic exercise classes that use interval training drills performed at maximum intensity to supercharge fat burning systems. Improve coordination in Pilates classes while enhancing your body's muscular silhouette, and Pilates workouts also develop a strong and tight core. Scan the weekly group fitness schedules for cutting-edge group workouts, like BodyFlow, our hybridized yoga program that fuses stretching routines and standing and sitting postures from tai chi, yoga and Pilates into one innovative and unforgettable workout.

Energy flows in yoga workout classes that combine faster-paced posing routines with uplifting music. BodyJam aerobic exercise workouts mix the latest dance styles with chart-topping club and pop songs for addictive, pulse-pounding workouts that feel more like cardio parties with good friends. Look for beginning Pilates classes as well as mixed-level group workouts, and if you play in a local sports league and want to get back in championship shape before the new season, take BodyAttack, our signature Gold's Gym sports conditioning workout. Your group fitness schedule should include a cycling class if you're finding yourself pressed for time, because cycling workouts pack a lot of cardio fitness into one demanding class.

Make time for group workout classes at the Fairfax Station Gold's Gym and hit your fitness goals in a fun, energized and supportive atmosphere. Crush calories in kickboxing aerobic exercise classes.

Experienced coaches lead our workout classes, and these inspiring instructors will keep you motivated to push past the burn!

Get ripped with bodybuilding workout classes at the Fairfax Station Gold's Gym or take a sculpting workout to create longer and leaner muscles. For high-octane aerobic exercise workouts, try indoor cycling classes that tackle steep mountains, punishing flats and winding hills, and these calorie-crushing workouts tone and shape your lower body as well. Curious about Pilates classes? Grab a mat and check out a beginning or mixed-level Pilates session, and discover how these popular exercise routines boost flexibility and enhance grace. Weekly group fitness schedules post several yoga programs, including foundational yoga classes that cover the basic poses, postures and breathing techniques.

Strength training workout classes that focus on your core muscles set the foundation for true fitness, and will help you function better in daily activities. Consider low-impact aerobic exercise sessions if you're an older adult looking for cardio classes that are easy on the joints, but still get your heart-pumping in the target zone, and low-impact cardio group workouts are ideal for novice exercisers just starting a fitness program. Schedule your Pilates classes or yoga sessions after a muscle building group workout because Pilates and yoga routines loosen up muscles and help them recover. Check the group fitness schedule for Zumba or BodyJam classes if you're searching for cardio workouts with spirited, dynamic choreography, or, if you're in the mood to punch and kick, join BodyCombat, our original aerobic workout that uses moves from karate, taekwondo, boxing and muay Thai.