Gym Classes, Fitness Classes & Zumba in Venice

Venice Group Fitness Classes, Local Yoga Classes & Pilates

Dive into group exercise classes at the Gold’s Gym in Venice, California, that fit into your busy schedule and appeal to your interests. For a fitness workout where you burn mega calories, jump into our high intensity interval cross training class, or ride in our indoor cycling class. Or, step into kickboxing classes such as BodyCombat for a fierce workout featuring martial arts inspired moves. Strengthen your core in exercise Pilates, the fitness class developed by famed trainer, Joseph Pilates.

Our cardio exercise classes are great for all ages and levels of fitness. For a fun fitness workout that gets you moving, get your groove on in our dance aerobic class where you learn everything from hip hop to Bollywood to line dancing. Or, jump into our cardio kickboxing classes where you workout at your own level and increase intensity by kicking higher. Our exercise Pilates classes combine yoga-inspired poses, which can be modified for beginner exercisers, with controlled breathing to develop core strength and burn calories in this local gym class.

Build strength with group exercise classes such as BodyPump where you squat, press and curl using the weight of your choice to build muscle. Or, stretch in the fitness workout where you develop core strength and flexibility, exercise Pilates.

Get fit with dynamic exercise classes such as exercise Pilates where you sculpt your body with yoga-inspired poses.

Consider an array of exercise classes at the Gold’s Gym in Venice, California, to amp up your workout routine. For a fitness workout that feels like a night out on the dance floor, jump into Zumba where you shake and shimmy to hot Latin beats and popular music. Then get sweaty in kickboxing classes, and unleash energy with kicks, jabs, and strikes. Or, get centered in exercise Pilates classes or yoga classes where you learn ancient breathing techniques and poses to combat stress and build flexibility.

Blast calories in our exercise classes when you want to lose weight and get the lean body you desire. Jump into fitness workouts like our dance aerobic class where you melt the pounds while learning the latest hip hop or Bollywood dance move. Or punch in kickboxing classes that get your heart pumping to driving music using martial arts moves. Then stretch in exercise Pilates where you tone and sculpt your body and build core strength as you lose weight.