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Tackle your fitness program at the Highway K Gold's Gym in O'Fallon, Missouri, and sign up for the Gold's Nation member rewards plan. Earn points at this Gold's Gym location by finishing social media "orders" in the Gold's Nation program, and these "orders" could be to subscribe to the Gold's Gym YouTube challenge, Like your Gold's Gym on Facebook or post the date you joined Gold's Gym to your Facebook Timeline. Consider the work out program, the Gold's Gym Challenge, if your current workouts have grown boring, because the Gold's Gym Challenge will add new spark to your daily workouts. A 12-week exercise program, the Gold's Gym Challenge has helped thousands of exercisers smash and surpass their fitness benchmarks, and top participants in a variety of age brackets are eligible for big cash awards.

Among senior fitness programs, the Silver Sneakers senior fitness training program at the Gold's O'Fallon, Missouri fitness gym is renowned for its fitness classes, which have been specifically designed for older adults. Get fit at this Silver Sneakers location with cardio workouts that are easy-to-follow and easy on the joints, and other senior exercise classes boost muscle tone and enhance flexibility and coordination. In this popular work out program for seniors, participants meet other fitness-minded neighbors and make lifelong friendships, and the Silver Sneakers program features members-only online support for issues such as weight loss, quitting smoking and reducing stress. When you join this exercise program, a trained program advisor introduces you to your classes and fitness instructors and explains all the benefits of the Silver Sneakers plan.

Join the fitness program, the Gold's Gym Challenge, at the Highway K Gold's Gym in O'Fallon, Missouri. Seniors appreciate this Silver Sneakers location for its roster of senior fitness classes.

Exercise in your fitness program and become a member of Gold's Nation, our loyalty program that gives out points for completing fun social media tasks.

Explore the dynamic fitness programs at the Highway K Gold's Gym in O'Fallon, Missouri, and inject new energy into your exercise routines. Gym programs at this Silver Sneakers location include the Gold's Gym Challenge, our annual body transformation contest that's helped thousands of exercisers make lasting fitness and health improvements, and you could pocket thousands in cash prizes as a top Gold's Gym Challenge participant. In this popular work out program, exercisers reset their fitness benchmarks to a 12-week schedule, and participants snap "before" and "after" photos to document their fitness progress and to share with other Gold's Gym Challengers to keep them motivated. Commit to this exercise program and you'll gain access to online workout tips, training seminars and exercise videos to help maximize your results.

In the Silver Sneakers fitness program at the O'Fallon, Missouri Gold's health club, seniors take greater control of the health and fitness through invigorating and comprehensive senior exercise classes. Boost stamina at this Silver Sneakers location with a low-impact aerobic fitness training program that's lively, heart-healthy and set to uplifting music, and then increase muscular strength with a strength training Silver Sneakers class that uses light weights and resistance tubing. The Silver Sneakers work out program also offers group exercises that improve range of movement, flexibility and balance. Make friends in this exercise program and build community, and the Silver Sneakers program includes frequent seminars lead by health, nutrition and fitness experts.