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Tackle your fitness program at the Pelham Gold's Gym in Birmingham, Alabama, and become a part of Gold's Nation, our fan-based gym program that treats members to gift cards, Gold's Gym gear and other rewards. Join this fitness affiliate program and all you have to do is carry out a few social media tasks to earn points that can be traded in for gifts. For a senior exercise program that offers a variety of engaging group workouts, check out the Silver Sneakers physical training program for older adults, which schedules fun and lively cardio, yoga and strength training Silver Sneakers classes that are taught by enthusiastic and experienced fitness instructors. Exercise routines in this workout program have been designed specifically for seniors, and classes use non-complex low-impact choreography, lightweight resistance tools and standing and seated yoga poses and postures.

Push yourself in the fitness program, the Gold's Gym Challenge, at the Pelham Gold's Gym and crush your fitness goals faster than ever. Held each January, this fitness affiliate program re-sets your health and fitness benchmarks to a grueling 12-week schedule, and in 2013, the average Gold's Gym Challenge participant shed 12 pounds and seven and a half inches off their body. Hit your senior exercise program workouts or other exercises and then take on the Gold's Gym Challenge for a powerful motivational program that will help you rapidly transform yourself inside and out. During this workout program you'll take body measurements and photographs of your body to illustrate your incredible physical transformation, and don't forget to post your pics on the Challenger Facebook Group to inspire other exercisers.

Inspiring fitness programs at the Pelham Gold's Gym in Birmingham, Alabama, include the Gold's Gym Challenge body transformation contest. Join this fitness affiliate program and then follow the #GGChallenge Twitter hashtag for workout tips.

Among senior fitness programs, the Silver Sneakers exercise plan is renowned for its fun, social atmosphere and variety of fitness classes.

When you join the fitness program, the Gold's Gym Challenge, at the Pelham Gold's health club in Birmingham, Alabama, you'll have access to web and app-based Challenger Resources to keep you inspired during this demanding 12-week body transformation journey. Enter this fitness affiliate program and then connect with other "Challengers" at #GGChallenge on Twitter and share your milestones to encourage other participants to keep sweating toward their fitness goals. A well-rounded senior exercise program is good preparation for the Gold's Gym Challenge, which is open to all adult-age Gold's Gym members, and don't forget to snap "before" and "after" photos of your physique to document your amazing results. Commit to this popular workout program to lose weight, drop inches, boost your overall fitness and gain self-confidence, and you could also win cash awards worth thousands.

Member education health and fitness programs at the Gold's Pelham fitness gym provide Gold's Gym members with the very latest strength training, dieting, stress management and cardio workout tips. Fitness experts host these fitness affiliate programs, and you can watch and listen to the live broadcasts or tune in when you find the time because each session is recorded. Work out in your senior exercise program or other fitness plan and participate in the Tour de Cure cycling events, the annual nationwide bike rides that raise money to combat and cure diabetes. Gold's has sponsored this workout program for over a decade, and many people bike in the Tour de Cure for the camaraderie and cycling challenge, but the real reward comes in knowing that every mile you ride and every dollar you raise brings the American Diabetes Association that much closer to stopping this disease.