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Explore Gold's Alexandria gyms, and you'll discover a variety of fun and challenging ways to get fit, from high tech resistance to cardio machines to unique fitness classes you’ll only find at Gold's Gyms. The up-to-date Gold's Gym Alexandria VA fitness facility programs low-impact cardio group exercises specifically designed for the senior population and those looking for less-intense workouts. Many family fitness centers, including our Alexandria VA Gold's Gym, also schedule dynamic cardio and strength training classes that use high intensity interval training drills to sharpen speed and agility, and boost endurance. Study the Gold's Gym hours and Gold's Gym class schedules for this Gold's Gym near you, and if you’re still not convinced to join, then request a Gold's Gym FREE pass to try us out at no charge.

Find yoga at Gold's Alexandria gyms, like our Alexandria VA health and fitness club, to improve flexibility, strength and balance. At our Gold's Gym Alexandria VA location, drop into a foundations yoga class that teaches the basic poses, stretches and postures, or try BODYFLOW, our own workout that blends yoga, Pilates and tai chi into a series of flowing movements that will leave you feeling centered and calm – and this is a great class for stress management. Gold's Gym family fitness centers also offer the latest strength training machines and comprehensive free weight sets if you’re looking to lift, press and curl at your own pace. Parents, check the Gold's Gym hours for our Kid's Club, a activity room for children, so you can plan a workout while the kid enjoy games and crafts.

For Gold's Alexandria gyms near you with a Kid's Club, look into our Alexandria VA fitness club. Kids at this Gold's Gym Alexandria VA location enjoy stimulating play while parents sculpt, tone, tighten and burn fat.

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7770 Richmond Hwy, Alexandria, VA 22306


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7770 Richmond Hwy
Alexandria Gyms & Fitness Centers
Try Gold's Alexandria gyms, like our Alexandria VA facility, for unique group exercise classes like BODYPUMP, a one-hour workout that hits all of your major muscle groups. The Gold's Gym Alexandria VA location is one of many Gold's family fitness centers scheduling BODYATTACK and BODYCOMBAT, two empowering cardio classes.
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  • HoursGym Hours

    Mon - Fri : 4:30AM - 11:00PM

    Sat : 7:00AM - 9:00PM

    Sun : 8:00AM - 9:00PM

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  • Kids ClubGym Kids Club

    Mon : 8:30am - 2:30pm & 4pm - 9pm

    Tue - Thu : 8:30am - 2pm & 4pm - 9pm

    Fri : 8:30am - 2pm & 5pm - 8pm

    Sat - Sun : 8am - 2pm

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Improve flexibility at Gold's Alexandria gyms with yoga and Pilates classes that use carefully structured stretches, poses and postures.

Drop by Gold's Alexandria gyms and sculpt a new flatter set of abs or hit one of our calorie-crunching cardio classes to kick-start a new weight loss program. Our new Gold's Gym Alexandria VA fitness facility posts weekly Gold's Gym class schedules filled with options for every fitness level and goal. One of our premiere family fitness centers, this outstanding health club also includes a Kid's Club, where children take part in age-appropriate play while their parents tackle weight lifting, cardio, and flexibility and balance workouts. Search the Gold's Gym hours for our Alexandria Gold's Gym, and you’ll see that we’re open long hours that cater to your busy lifestyle, making it a cinch to get fit morning, noon or night.

Gold's Alexandria gyms that program our original BODYPUMP muscle-building workout include our Alexandria VA health and fitness club. Try BODYPUMP at this Gold's Gym Alexandria VA location for a surefire, 60-minute weight lifting routine that works every major muscle group, or tone and tighten your core while boosting that heart-rate in our one of our pulse-pounding cycling classes. At many Gold's family fitness centers, including the Alexandria VA Gold's Gym, you can kick, punch and strike your way to a better body in our signature BODYCOMBAT workout, which mixes elements from several martial arts disciplines, including karate, taekwondo and muay Thai. Along with convenient Gold's Gym hours and a range of fitness classes, Gold's Gyms offer consultations with world-class personal trainers, who can provide informed training tips and nutritional counseling.