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Burn calories with your Gold's Gym membership in a high-octane cardio fitness class, or, for less-intense workouts, try a low-impact cardio program that uses height adjustable steps. For muscle building, Gold's Gym schedules a variety of weight lifting group workouts, and stocks comprehensive sets of free weights and the most up-the-minute strength training machines. Hit a plateau? Our fitness experts can forge a plan of attack that pushes through fitness plateaus to take your workouts to the next level. For toning, Gold's Gym offers body-shaping classes that sculpt and tighten without adding bulk.

Learn yoga with your Gold's Gym membership, and see how this ancient exercise can improve flexibility and balance, and help with stress management. While at Gold's Gym, be sure to try one of our fitness classes, such as BODYPUMP, the one-hour all-over weight lifting workout created by fitness legend Les Mills. Gold's Gym fitness experts are certified personal trainers who can also provide informed diet and nutrition advice. Find amenities at Gold's Gym that make your workout and post-workout even more enjoyable, and many Gold's Gyms feature a sauna, juice bar and on-site Kid's Club.

Temporary Gold's Gym memberships are available online, or request a Gold's Gym FREE pass over the phone or in person. Members to Gold's Gym work out in cutting-edge facilities and diverse fitness classes.

Build endurance with your Gold's Gym membership, shred a beach-body physique or team up with Gold's Gym just to trim a few inches from your waist.

Get fit with a Gold's Gym membership to one of over 400 Gold's Gym locations in the U.S. With our exceptional health clubs, you'll reach your fitness goals in no time, whether you're aiming to lose weight, flatten your abs or shred upper body muscles. World-class fitness experts staff each and every Gold's Gym ready to provide workout tips and sound nutritional counseling. Members at Gold's Gym enjoy state-of-the-art workout facilities, top-tier amenities and Gold's Gym class schedules loaded with fun and challenging fitness options.

Gold's Gym memberships mean that working out never has to get boring. Many Gold's Gym health clubs feature our innovative Cardio Cinema, a theater-size exercise space where you work out while catching full-length Hollywood blockbusters on a giant movie screen. Along with certified fitness experts, Gold's Gym stocks the very latest elliptical machines, stair climbers, rowers, treadmills and stationary bikes as well as full sets of free weights and high tech strength training equipment. Search the Gold's Gyms close to you for ultramodern facilities like a temperature controlled cycle studio or Yoga and Pilates studio.

Your Gold's Gym membership is a passport to a world of cardio, strength training and flexibility fitness classes. Gold's Gym health clubs near you have group workouts for every fitness level, from beginning exercisers to elite athletes looking to sharpen their speed, agility, power and endurance. Inspirational fitness experts lead low-impact cardio classes designed specifically for seniors, and our motivational fitness coaches also teach high intensity cardio workouts, such as Zumba and BODYATTACK workout. Most Gold's Gyms offer BODYPUMP, a muscle building workout that strengthens your entire body in 60 minutes.

Parents love their Gold's Gym memberships because a large number of Gold Gyms house our Kid's Club, an on-site area where kids take part in age-appropriate activities while their parents get fit. As well, many Gold's Gyms boast a relaxing and calming sauna, the perfect place to unwind and sooth muscles after one of our signature fitness classes. Chat with a Gold's Gym fitness expert for a fitness assessment, and he or she can map out a personal training program personalized to your abilities and goals. Test-drive any Gold's Gym with a Gold's Gym FREE pass, which you can request online, over the phone or in person at any Gold's Gym location.